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    Barometer Question

    I just got a Plasmtio Port Hole Barometer for my Brithday

    I have put it up on the lounge room wall inside the house since only had it just under couple weeks the barmoeter hasn't move much in presure
    on the weather other night they said they had 1024 my only said 1010
    its right in front of a door way should get plenty of natural air on it
    Should I install it outside my house and would this give a true incantation
    Going to used as a fishing tool when decide to go or not

    Does the other needle on it points to Storm, Rain Change Fair Very Dry Are they a novlety or do they rellay work my so far stays on change

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    Re:  Barometer Question

    Mate I'm not an expert on barometers by a long shot but I have mine on the wall in my garage and because I live close to a private weather station "Cleveland Weather" I set my barometer from them. I check it once a week & it is usually pretty good if there is a more than a couple of mbs discrepancy I just reset it off "Cleveland Weather" It's useless setting your barometer from a reading that may be some distance away. I did reing BOM

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    Re:  Barometer Question

    Sorry hit wrong key. I did ring BOM initially to set it and they gave me the Brisbane Airport reading but that did vary slightly to Cleveland Weather & as I live close to them I get a more accurate reading. Hope it helps.

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    Re:  Barometer Question

    If you can find someone that has one that is correctly calibrated you can take yours around and set it to theirs,it should have some adjustment screws on the back,then when you take it home it will read true.Barrometers measure air preasure so inside the house will be fine,the needle will never run the full dial,it will genneraly move in small incriments between the lows of a cyclone and highs of what I would imagine wouldn't go much past 1030mb(I don't check mine much after 1020 as I'm chaseing perch in the creek),the writing around the dial (Storm,Change etc.) is decorative and has no bearing on whats going on.One of the needles is adjustable from the outside of the glass,genneraly via a brass knob in the centre of the glass,the idea is to put the adjustable needle over the needle that reads the millibars so you can gauge wether the preasure is droping or riseing.

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    Re: #Barometer Question

    Might be showing my age here ..but who remembers the little wall house with 2 doors with the lady holding flowers and the other... a man with the raincoat.

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    Re:  Barometer Question

    I have both a normal dial barometer on the wall, and a portable digital one. There is difference in the readin, but the trends are more important I think. The digital keeps a record of the past several hours so you can see if its rising during the day or not. Best is, when storm fronts are approaching you can really see the graph dive so you know to get off the rocks or head for cover sooner or later.

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    Re:  Barometer Question

    The true reading is at sea level and outside

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    Re: #Barometer Question

    The true reading may be given at sea level but if you set yours in the vicinity of one that is known to be correct when you take it home it will give you a correct reading for your area,I also doubt that houses are sufficently sealed to have a different atmospheric preasure.As Squidgie has said,wether it is riseing or falling and the speed at which it does it is what maters.

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    Re:  Barometer Question

    I might be wrong here but I thought that to get a true reading from a barometer it had to be set to calibration after you purchased it. Not just to what the weather man says, but according to the altitude of your home or wherever you are hanging it. My understanding has been that you actually should have a professional 'tune' it for you. But as I said, I might be completely wrong about this.


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    Re:  Barometer Question

    [smiley=dankk2.gif] for the repiles on this the information that i have now will be some help making this Barometer work properly
    bj I just live couple suburbs away at Birkdale andI set to cleveland weather station

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