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    Re: FREE Rod Offer Piranah Sports

    The issue is the rod is not as described in the promotion/advertisement.
    It was described to be a 10foot 2pc rod. NOT a 9'2" # 3pc rod.
    The quality is not even close to the stated $189.00
    The spin that pianha sport intended to use to draw more customers was to give away a rod and expect that "word of mouth" would promote the company far better than spending money on advertising etc.

    I agree the rod is a suitable rod for some, but not for those that take fishing more seriously.

    I chose to send in my $30.00 because if the rod was as described it would of met my needs at the level I fish.

    What convinced me at the time that the deal was NOT too good to be true was the advert was in a reputable magazine: Modern Fishing Magazine.

    If i wanted to buy a $30.00 rod I would not do it sight unseen; bigw has kiddies rods for $30.00 of better quality and if there is any problems the rod can be returned to the store most of the time no questions asked.

    For the record: I would not even consider buying a three pc rod.

    What i received from Piranha sport was not as described in the offer, this is the issue, have I made myself clear enough.

    Interesting to see what comes of this debacle.

    For those who are not happy with Piranha sport, feel free to contact me for additional information relevant to satisfaction.

    Tight Lines,


    hey kingtin heres one for you: love many, trust few, learn to paddle your own canoe.

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    Re: FREE Rod Offer Piranah Sports

    Quote Originally Posted by wise67
    What i received from Piranha sport was not as described in the offer, this is the issue, have I made myself clear enough.
    Yeah mate. Dont jump down MY throat.

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    Re: FREE Rod Offer Piranah Sports

    Quote Originally Posted by Chanquetas
    [quote author=wise67 link=1138575653/75#75 date=1145605155]
    What i received from Piranha sport was not as described in the offer, this is the issue, have I made myself clear enough.
    Yeah mate. #Dont jump down MY throat.[/quote]

    Chanquetas; Not intending to jump down anyones throat.

    As for Modern Fishing mags opinion or review on the rods this is an excerpt of the email the editor sent me:

    "Hi Gerard, #
    The rod that Piranha have been sending out is not the same as the one #
    they showed us before we agreed to help publicise their promotion. #
    The sample I was shown had a metallic green, graphite blank with #
    yellow binding and cork grips. It certainly wasn't the bargain bin #
    glass composite that they have been sending out." #

    Chanquetas I understand your opinion of 'get over it', easy enough to do. Its only $30.00
    My issue is that if people stand by whilst crims scam the general public preying on certain demographics because they know that some people are more gullible than others if approached through a suitable medium then they will continue to do so.

    If the promotion had been advertised in the local rag hardly anyone would of gone for it. But because it was advertised through Modern Fishing Magazine many have.

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    Re: FREE Rod Offer Piranah Sports

    Well Gerard, I dont think you can stand other people having different opinions to yourself.
    THATS what you should get over. By all means take Piranha to task, but dont ram it down our throats mate.

    I have just sent them another cheque by the way, and looking forward to my next rod.

    How long before you accuse me of being in cohorts with Piranha I wonder....

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    Re: FREE Rod Offer Piranah Sports

    I wouldn't be using the word 'crim' on a public forum.

    The fickle hand of the law has far reaching fingers. And whilst you haven't mentioned a name, all on this forum know who you're talking about.

    I'm surprised a moderator hasn't edited the post.

    Get over it please.

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    Re: FREE Rod Offer Piranah Sports

    What do you honestly think the law would do John? Forget the law mate , as Australians we have the right to freedom of speech. And to add to that money is too hard to come buy for some and they need to vent, so let them vent. Knowone is being hurt buy it , and if they are they should scroll there mouse up to the top right hand corner and click on the big red x.

    Just my opinion.


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    Re: FREE Rod Offer Piranah Sports

    Didn't mean to tread on anyone's toes Darryl. Just playing my 'lets be cautious' card.

    As members of this forum, we are all responsible for the content. Litigation is a far reaching animal, so it just pays to err on the side of caution. I believe, that as members, we are all jointly and severally liable for information posted on this site. I could be wrong though. Someone may pipe in and put me straight (please do).

    And I'm sorry, but if you still believe we have the right to freedom of speech, you haven't been following the anti terroism legislation closely enough. Many still believe John Howard tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Now you've got me started...............

    I know money is hard to come by. And by all means lets close ranks on the tricksters and sharlatans out there when we need to.

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    Re: FREE Rod Offer Piranah Sports

    John you didn't tread on my toes mate , i spose i read it wrong that time . I just get sick of everything being sue this person , sue that person, it's in my opinion ,very American. As for the Anti Terrorism Legislation and Jackboot Johnny i couldn't careless to be honest.

    Politicians couldn't lie staright in bed John , but jackboot Johnny must be doing something right otherwise we would be living in fear 24/7.(But that's politics, not fishing).

    If this mob are thieves expose them, but as some respected members have said, they are happy with the rod so the jury is out for me at this time.


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    Re: FREE Rod Offer Piranah Sports

    ok I am another sucker who only blames himself for falling for a con like this. I have received 5 e-mails from piranha sport and have had varying excuses why I have not and that includes now why I have never received my paid for beach rod. The excuses range from oh they were overwhelmed with the response and it must be lost in the post to are you sure you havn't got it !!! I sent the form to them in mid december, yes 2005 and am still waiting. I know North Qld is considered country but i could have driven there several times. I have tried to contact Modern Fishing a number of times but havnt had any reply as yet. I just hope everyone passes the word about Piranha.

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