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    cane rod 2 piece

    i have a two piece one of these with a sticker that reads
    WAL KIRKHAM rod builder west ryde nsw
    can anyone shed any light on the history of this rodbuilder???
    it's probably about 50-60 years old
    just interested if any one has any info
    cheers brian

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    Re:  cane rod 2 piece

    not sure on the history Brian but if you like send it over to me for further evaluation

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    Re:  cane rod 2 piece

    I reckon it could be nearly your age Brian.

    ie; made in the first half of the last century.


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    Re:  cane rod 2 piece

    blaze i'll bring it to 1770 in october for your perusal
    john you are quite right and just like me it is aging gracefully
    cheers brian

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    Re:  cane rod 2 piece

    It mighn't be that old.
    My first rod was made by my father from a cane blank he bought at a tackle shop.
    Would have been about 1966, wish I still had it.... Come to think about it , he probably still has it in his old shed..

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