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    Fastnet Rubber Landing Net

    Last post to obtain some opinions resulted in zilch comment Has anyone tried this product?



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    Re: Fastnet Rubber Landing Net

    What is a fastnet rubber landing net?
    Do you have a photo please?

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    Re: Fastnet Rubber Landing Net

    Have seen them in the shops, but same as you would like to know how well they work. Weren't cheap but if they work would be fine.

    What I want is a good barra net for large impoundment fish.
    The environet look great, but when you have a bit of age and arthritis the weight of fish and the fact that they dont move through the water is a hinderance.
    The rubber one would I think eliminate some of the problem, but would they stand up to big barra and do they cause any damage to fish.
    They reckon that lures don't get caught in them.
    Would like to here some comments from some of the anglers who have tried them on big fish and while using lures.

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    Re: Fastnet Rubber Landing Net

    Used one on my recent trip to 1770 , the net was fine but the thing i noticed was that the handle was abit flimsy , it didn't look and feel like it would stand up to alot of heavy being lifted in it!

    Just my opinion anyway.

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    Re: Fastnet Rubber Landing Net

    Quote Originally Posted by vanurose
    What is a fastnet rubber landing net?
    Do you have a photo please?

    Link to the web site is

    Available in a couple of sizes, small one isnt available with a telescopic handle. Perhaps the telescopic handle is the weak link in dealing with the big fellas.


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    Re: Fastnet Rubber Landing Net

    Replacment nets are available. Maybe just get a net and use it on your current handle/frame.

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    Re: Fastnet Rubber Landing Net

    Thanks for sending me that web site.
    I had a good look at most of the products and what took my eye was the HEAD START RIGGING SYSTEM for all baits, fresh and plastic. Must get my hands on some of them. Anything that saves time and frustration is a winner with us.

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    Re: Fastnet Rubber Landing Net

    just had a look at the website have ordered one great idea. will never let another fish in my boat without having a rubber.

    net. hubby

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    Re: Fastnet Rubber Landing Net

    Hubby what did it set you back ?


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    Re: Fastnet Rubber Landing Net

    Where can I buy a large telescopic handle model?
    Flybridge are no more while Escapin Tackle(see their ebay add) have only the small model.
    I have a small Fastnet with the telescopic handle. It is the best I have used for landing fish, stores in a compact size, telescopic handle collapsed for boat extended for fishing river and creek bank.


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    Re: Fastnet Rubber Landing Net

    I fished with the fastnet in the small size for about 6 years & find it a great net. Lures still get caught but nothing like a environet..

    I'm looking at getting the larger size soon..

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