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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Not a big fan of car batteries,for the effort involved there's bugger all lead in them and you've got to be dead certain they're 100% dry or your in for a molten lead shower,I'd just bust the posts and what's directly under them out and turf the rest.

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Some good pointers there Phil [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]

    I found the key is too warm the moulds and wire up to operating temperatures before the first lot of sinkers.
    I clean the wire well with very fine sand paper first and then bung the wire and the moulds on top of the melting pot to WARM (not melt ).
    I have some old moulds my grandad used and they have a hinge on the end and some long handles on the other end. These make the job real easy on smaller sinkers but not so good on the large ones due to the edges of the moulds binding on the sides of the sinkers at the pull apart time.
    I also have a huge nail whacked into the wall to hook the wire loop onto to be able to pull it out.
    I also use an old cast kettle/teapot to melt the lead in. It has a convenient spout to pour the lead into the mould
    I also have 2 big pairs of leather boiler makers gloves so when 1 pair heats up I can use the other pair and let the first pair cool down
    Doesn't take long to punch out a few hundred sinkers when everything is working right
    Cheers Scott

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    I'm sure car batteries are not a safe past time but then neither is melting lead so be careful and use your head. There is plenty of lead in a battery but a lot of other stuff too.
    If you're unsure of how the lead or imurities will behave use a small amount at first. Nothing wrong with a set of goggles either though I've never had an issue before.

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Leads seems to cost a fair bit these days. what i do is go to the local tyre center and get the free blocks of lead ( used to balance your tyres) and use them to make sinkers. it's usually free or really cheap.

    And your suppose to heat the moulds b4 you pour the liquid in. This prevents the lead from clogging the holes. If you have quick hands, as soon as your pour the lead in, open the mould within a few seconds and the lead just fall out. No need to use snippers to cut.

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Scrap metal dealers,it was 70 cents a kilo last time i looked

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home


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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Having trouble with the small sinkers.
    When i have melted the lead there is residue floating around on top could this be the problem as it will not pour into the mould.
    No problems with the reef sinkers.

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    yeh mate youve got it
    i use and old fork (eating kind ) dunk it in the lead stir it around , when the lead doesnt stick anymore drag all the crap to one side of the pan and lift out with fork prongs . drop into a spare metal pan , and tilt as more good lead will run off .

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Hey Phil...great post

    Have never tried this myself but often wondered what was involved.

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    We made some very big sinkers for deep dropping the shelf, most other sinkers I just buy, but then, we don't use big sinkers down here for general fishing, I melted the lead in a home made ladle, and used my jet burner on my crab cooker, melted big Snapper leads down in a jiffy, used the usual welders gloves, and the whole process was done outside

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Good idea using the bricks, i was using vice grips and it gets a bit fiddly. nice write up.

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    I use a aldi hooded bbq with the wok burner, chuck the moulds under the hood while the lead is melting, I use and old grinding disk to skim the scum off the surface, I use coathangers sanded for my wires, I use metal welding clamps to hold the moulds together, works a treat, I use a fan to blow the fumes away
    what a sad sad AB

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