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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Thanks Phil.

    I like the idea of doing away with the vice and drilling out larger filler holes. Should save some time and effort.


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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    I have to add my thanks too Phil. Always interesting to hear how other people do things. As others have mentioned, the house bricks are a simple but great tip. Wouldn't have thought they would hold moulds good enough but I believe you. Will save a lot of mucking around with the vice.

    P.S. Mark, I use lead flashing occassionally in my business. Available from hardware stores or plumbing supliers, but it is bloody dear now. Don't know if the scrappies sell it, but I know they only pay about 30c/Kg for it. If you have to buy it new, yo may as well buy sinkers ready made.

    Regards, Steve

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Interesting comment in Pic SMake 11 Phill.

    I guess it's essential that this is done to avoid any twisting of the moulds. Helped my fishing mate make some sinkers recently and I don't think we did that. Better check them out for straightness.


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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Hey Phill, thanks for going to such detail to make it easy for anyone to do. Top class effort. Can you recommend a brand of gold paint to make them a little more valuable?


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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    phill , great post mate.

    just a question mate , with your bike spoke , do you lubricate it all ?? eg smear it with grease or something else to stop it from 'sticking' to the molten lead.

    ... i only work to support my fishing addiction.....

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Good article, just a couple of things I do to make life a little easier.
    I run my wire through a bar of sunlight soap and it pulls out of the sinkers easier and I add a small amount of bees wax to the molten lead and it brings all of the impurities to the top and then they are easily removed.

    I look forward to your next DYI article


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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Good question Jason.

    answer.....Yes. Vasoline before the first pour. not too sure it is a ' flux ', but I have been using it, and seems to make a difference.

    It's in the first pic above the mould rods.

    Lead, yes well. I gather it from job sites, people give it to me, a mate gets some for me, as he is a scuba divers and collects a lot, and I have used wheel weights in the past, but boy do they smell trying to burn them into clean lead. Old car batteries is another source !

    Even as a kid, I used to raid the old firing range at the local Army Barracks ! ssshhhhh !!! Just collect the heads at the base of the concrete wall.

    Cheers Phill
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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Guys dont know if it will help or not but if you know anyone that's involved in relocating houses, as in the old Queenslanders etc, they all used to have lead waterpipes/downpipes/flashing, etc. I get all mine from the Island i live on as there is a relocateable coming over every week it seems. Needless to say i have plenty of it.


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    Re: Sinker Making at Home


    Excellent tips.

    I spent Anzac Day afternoon trying to making some sinkers. For 1.5hrs work I got 7 sinkers. I'll be using some of your tips next time. I like the idea of opening out the pour holes. I found that was my biggest problem.

    Then again it was blowing a gale up hre and the lead was only just hot enought, but cooled quick.

    Thanks again

    I love the sound of reels screaming in the morning

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    My biggest mistake when i first started was just after the lead had melted i poured. Now i find letting it go till it gets a rainbow effect on the top of the lead it pours real easy. But at the start i was like you Harry, just filled the top pour holes and had a retarded looking sinker.


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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Quote Originally Posted by Crestcutter
    But at the start i was like you Harry, just filled the top pour holes and had a retarded looking sinker.

    The fish probably couldn't tell the difference though

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Na Seahunt, i dont think there too fussy mate.

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    My boy is in the kitchen making tin soldiers (actually monsters and such) using some mould I bought in Sweden.
    I buy tin/lead mix from the plumbing supplies but it is much harder than straight lead, (heaps safer though)

    For sinkers I use old car batteries.
    I have as yet not bought the metal moulds, I've made my own for jigs and such using plaster. (I'm talking large jigs that tend to be expensive)
    They last a while but preheating is a good idea as I cracked them early on.

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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Is it safe to bust up an old car battery with a hammer??? Is there a certain way that the plates should be removed?? I know the water etc would have to be tipped out first, but is there any risk of smashing the thing up to get the plates??


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    Re: Sinker Making at Home

    Cant tell you anything about the use of batteries other than most certainly dont get near the fumes of battery lead Dave.

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