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    Re: Favourite heavy surf reel

    no they are not 4 wrap its a number 4 ,they rate them by number in reference to casting weight full blown cast , not lobbing #a bait out on a wobble stick ,
    number 4 will cast 4ozs in any style of cast and can Handel a full blown pendulum cast ,
    with most rods we see in Australia the rating is all over the place ,
    the number 4 is rated 5 to 7 kgs and 4ozs to under stand this a bit more to cast a weight of 4 ozs with a power cast the rule of them is 1 ozs = 10 lbs in leader so 4 ozs you would be using at least 40 lbs leader with 5 to 6 wraps around the spool joined to the 5 to 7 kg main #line
    some may #think its a soft rod #as from what they are use to in rod ratings ,

    if you were to get into top jap gear the rod are rated either by number's like 25.27,30,33,35,40.45,andothers with leters xxx , xx ,ax ,bx,cx.dx.ex.
    with the letters ST after the code meaning its a blank

    this is a shimano blank SC 435XXX ST
    sc = surf casting
    435 = 4.35mts length
    xxx is power level, #XXX is the top level
    st = strip ,meaning blank as we know things
    Daiwia 425 33 ST
    425 = length
    33 is power level of casting weight .
    st = strip
    Understanding these ratings can be hard

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    Re: Favourite heavy surf reel

    Thanks for your input, HST, damn interesting stuff.
    I'm sure there is much of value in this area for surf fishers.

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    Re: Favourite heavy surf reel

    is it tue HST with the overheads they reduce the number of guides on the blank unlike what needs to be the case in a fishing situation to keep the line off the blank when a fish is on ?


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    Re: Favourite heavy surf reel

    Hey Chriso,

    Dont worry about it mate !! Stick to yr Alvey and Butterworth combo - Keep it Simple mate !!

    that way yr bound not to get into any trouble !

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    Re: Favourite heavy surf reel

    I use to fish with this old bloke down at Suffolk park beach - Kevin think was his name - he used the old Mitchells and man could he wack it out there!! hed get it out past the outer sand bar without having to get so much as his balls wet - and thats where hed pick up the big bream and tailor. He was a big bloke and ex cop and youd definitely wouldnt want to call him girlie!! he used these Mitchells for years - he used to give them a re grease now and then with vasoline and grease combo. So there u go i reckon he definitely had an advantage getting out further than me with an Alvey to where the big ones lurked.

    Hey what about the old timers that used Seascapes and penn overheads - suppose they were all wimps too!!

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    Re: Favourite heavy surf reel

    HST - any of these high-tec blanks available from within Aus?
    A few girlies may be interested in checking them out!

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    Re: Favourite heavy surf reel

    Most of the better blanks are in the West ,at one stage a few years back there was a good stock up in QLD with Citer lures had Purglas . I think that blue marlin is been imported by Urban tackle in WA ,
    one of the only Australian records that still stands today with a alvey is 4 ozs level line 204 mts was cast with a 400/6 blue marlin

    with distance rods for casting comps with overheads on a rod of 4 mts normally run 6 guides + tip

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    Re: Favourite heavy surf reel

    Well i'm 1 of those girlie boy's Wilson wasp 13'6,, matched with a Diwia 6000 Emcast sports, 15kg braid for spining/bait of the beach or rocks.. Love the setup... U can keep your sidecasts... I have sold all of mine,, best thing I have ever done

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    Re: Favourite heavy surf reel

    Back to the original question.

    Seascape 521.

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    Re: Favourite heavy surf reel

    Hey Grahame

    Do u get butterfingers and continually drop yr reel in the drink like all the Alvey boys or shud i say men seem to be doing all the time !!


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    Re: Favourite heavy surf reel

    Hi Cam

    No. Fishing reels do not like sand - even Alveys. Sand plus oil makes an excellent grinding paste - try next time you are lapping some surfaces.

    Those of us who have mastered the fine Art of thumbing the spool during the cast and then be able to lay the line back on during the retrieve find it relatively easy to hang onto the rod. (Big Cheesy Smile Emoticon)

    p.s. My Seascape dates from the late 60's and is still in good nick - been through a few bearing sets though. I purchased the 521 rather than a 621 as I am of the opinion that the 621 pinion is a little to small.

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    Re: Favourite heavy surf reel

    Quote Originally Posted by GrahameA
    #Fishing reels do not like sand - even Alveys. #Sand plus oil makes an excellent grinding paste - try next time you are lapping some surfaces.
    alveys don't need oil - in fact we even strip the minimal amount of grease they come with out of them - the sand just washes out we lubricate ours in saltwater and I'm not having a go - the first thing you do before casting is to dunk the thing.

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    Re: Favourite heavy surf reel

    AHHH Grahame,

    Good to see some of the old skills of days gone by are still being practiced by a few. I remember when I was a kid going to Whale beach south head and marvelling at the guys with their seascapes tossing chrome slugs a mile - great skills indeed - and because it was off the rock they didnt have to worry about dropping the reels inthe sand - haha !!!! keep up the good work Grahame u mite educate a few youngsters who mite pass by and wonder what the heck that reel is. used to be a bloke who would fish off my beach at night with a 6500c never got backlash - thats pretty dame impressive eh!

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    Re: Favourite heavy surf reel

    Well, I think I've made it clear in the past, where I stand on this. I use ambassadeur 7000's almost exclusively and in the past have geared up to 9000's depending on target species and conditions.

    If it's distance that you're after these reels have beaten everybody hands down for years in european tournaments but the daiwa millionaire has come close. Take the level wind off 'em and they're a superb casting tool.

    Europeans fish heavy (2 to 4 oz) due to conditions, but with lighter line, a heavy leader to prevent break-offs, and in the hands of someone familiar with them, they are still capable of chucking lighter weights.

    Conditions there are much rougher than here and yet overheads reign supreme. I rarely clean my 7000's, have dropped 'em in all sorts of sand with no trouble, and can only assume that the tolerance between spool and side plate prevents most penetration of sand...........they're light, fast, and have landed fish to 75kilos. I have two that are over 15yr old that beach fished twice a week in appalling wintry weather and they have never been serviced and I have opened 'em up no more than once a year at the most......there's no other reel that I prefer.


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    Re: Favourite heavy surf reel

    dont like birds nests so i use alveys and eggbeaters
    dont know why you want to cast so far anyway the best fish are just at your feet ( ie whiting )

    I think its true whats been said also different reels for different applications
    and what you can afford to i think

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