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    Accurate Reels

    Does anyone have any personal experience with these reels, i am very keen to hear anything has to tell about Boss Magnum 197 and 270 reels - was thinking of an all round jigging/bottom or troll reel - cheers, Raef

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    Re:  Accurate Reels

    no personal experience but have a mate who has one...loves it! another reel worth checking out is the Blue Heaven from japan...not cheap but check those features!!

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    Re:  Accurate Reels

    Raef, i use the boss 665 hxm for jigging and its great .drag is awesome.I would to try the 197 as a barra trolling reel or the new size 12 spinning excellant bit of kit.

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    Re:  Accurate Reels

    I have a boss 270 and use it for what you are intending, they are a fantastic bit of gear, nothing on the market is as finely constructed as these reels. I have never tested mine properly on a big fish, but have only used it a handful of times.

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    Re:  Accurate Reels

    Finding Time's busted his before - might be worth throwing him a p.m. to get the dirt..
    Pretty looking reels though.

    Ne permissi illegitimatus carborundi

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    Re:  Accurate Reels


    Only had experience with the 665H, they are a great real. If you want infalabilty by the Boss.
    Blue heavens are great and a lil smoother though. But still a very very nice reel.


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