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    Rusty Bucks of Burpengary Creek !!!

    Hi Folks,

    Just returned from an all weekend Camping trip to Burpengary Creek, where 4 of us Crabbed for "Muddies" in the lower reaches. Juvenile Crabs were plentiful, so much so that we were releasing on average 5 per pot every time we checked our apparatus. At a guess, I would say that 250 + crabs were thrown back for the trip. I was quite astonished by these numbers !!! We were not just catching the same ones over and over as I regularly moved the pots to maximize our chances.
    We did end up with a feed to take home but we used about 20 Kilos of whole Mullet to do it.

    How Awsome would it be if this Creek was closed to Crabbing for 12 months so all those small Crabs could grow up to be "Rusty Bucks" !!!


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    Re: Rusty Bucks of Burpengary Creek !!!

    Gidday Craig........what percentage of crabs were jennies?
    I agree with you we should have a closed season on mud crabs.......did you manage to fish Wello last week?
    I was thinking of going out there friday night but that storm put a damper on that idea.
    Hope i catch up with you on sunday mate.
    cheers Brent

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    Re: Rusty Bucks of Burpengary Creek !!!

    Hi Brent,

    About 10% of the Crabs we released were large Jennies, the majority were very small males. The few that were just under size were nice Rusty looking Crabs, pity the ones that were legal were more like "Clean Skins". Because of the pressure that our local Crab stocks are under, as soon as they reach legal size they get caught and therefor net getting the chance to turn into a beautiful "Rusty Buck".

    Did not get to fish Wello last week, I'd better get there soon before the Sweeties move off for the Winter.

    See you Sunday all going well,


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    Re: Rusty Bucks of Burpengary Creek !!!

    I assume you were using the 20kg of mullet we had left over from our Bulimba Creek trip. We must have let 20 crabs go that morning without a scoring buck.
    All the best Craig - talk to you next week.

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