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    fraser island hot spots?

    Hows it going all??
    i was just woundering about hot spots on Fraser Island ??
    and i was woundering about what type of baits to use ????? if any body could help it would great
    thanks craig

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    Re: fraser island hot spots?

    Hey Craig, welcome.

    Depends on the type of fish you are chasing !

    If you are going from Inskip Point, after you get off the barge, just a short drive around the front of the Island will be Hook Point. This place is alive with Whiting and the ocassional flathead. Just look for the drains and holes.

    Further up the beach, Dart is found along most beaches. Keep your eyes peeled for the little bumps in the sand tracks of other 4 x 4's. These lumps will be pipi's, great bait.

    A keeen eye will spot Dart and Tailor in the waves. The rocky headlands of Indian Head and Waddy Point hold all manner of fish.

    Further up, set up your Game chair in the back of the ute, throw out a large bait and hang on. The shark population up there is big and come in very close. I have mates that specifically target the men in the grey suits from the beach. They use overheads, and do have a chair in the ute ! 8)

    Now up the beach further, you'll find Nkalaga, Knalaga, shoot, I don't know how to spell it, but it sounds like Ka-ga-la Rocks. This area is great at night. get a good cast and reef species can be caught. Crossing behind the rocks is advised to be taken with caution and with 2 vehicles. There is sand covered weed up the beach from there and it can get very deep in places.

    First timers, the beaches and headlands are the go. Other than that, if you see 10, 4 x 4's stopped at a gutter, the Tailor are probably on there. I have seen people standing on The Wreck of the Maheno and sending out spinners for Tailor and doing quite well.

    Pipi's and beach worms are the best alround baits, but the Pillie does the job on the Tailor as well as Gar.

    Hope this helps,
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    Re: fraser island hot spots?

    Thanks for that Phil
    ill give it ago

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