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Thread: Avoca rocks NSW

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    Avoca rocks NSW

    Fished Avoca rocks first time in a long time,was pissed off with the amount of rubbish left behind enough said on that.Had a ball on light tackle 6kg spin,Talked to some of the loacal lads that said there was nothing doing but we got into the fish all week Bonnies salmon taylor all over 1.5kgs not loads of fish but enough to keep amused.Jumped off the biggest Aust salmon i have seen in years est 7-8kg lure used was a 35g Raider in purple all week remember to keep hooks sharp and check line for abrasions after each fish. please take your rubbish with you!!!!!!

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    Re: Avoca rocks NSW

    Sounds like some fun........and i totally agree about the rubbish. A bit of consideration for others and the environment will go a long way.

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