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Thread: tusk fish?

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    tusk fish?

    Just new to all this, and want to know if what I caught was actually tusk fish. No pics either, but they were a blue coloured fish with very distinct teeth on the bottom jaw, in that they stuck out at about 45 degrees. Around about 40cm long and fought like champions. Caught them off mud on Monday. Are they anygood to eat?
    Cheers [smiley=helpa.gif]

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    Re: tusk fish?

    Welcome there rysa,

    Sounds like thes are quite edible

    Extract from Queensland fish guide by Frank Prokop

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    Re: tusk fish?

    Parrot fish are generally sweet to eat in my book.


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    Re: tusk fish?

    Sounds like a Blue Parrot, also called Black Spot Tusk Fish. Did it have a little black spot about half way along the base of the Dorsal fin.



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    Re: tusk fish?

    Must have been typing while you were posting angla And they are very good eating.


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    Re: tusk fish?


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    Re: tusk fish?

    And here is a picture of one.

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    Re: tusk fish?

    Great fish to eat and there is plenty of fillet on them. The head to body ratio is very different from most fish. One of the hardest fish to get a spear through too! Scales like 50 cent peices.

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    Re: tusk fish?

    Excellent fillets, a beautiful white flesh, and delicious to eat.

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    Re: tusk fish?

    thanks for that information..
    and thats exactly what they are...........

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    Re: tusk fish?

    Where I live most guys rate this fish better than trout. Have heard of them consistently breaking 100lb handline and straightening hooks. Crabs are definetly the go with these fish.

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    Re: tusk fish?

    mmm - just had some for dinner - very nice

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    Re: tusk fish?

    Hi Rysa, There are a couple of varieties in the bay, with the blackspot growing to the biggest size, 15kg is the best ive seen from the bay.
    here's a pics of what the llook like in real life.

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    Re: tusk fish?

    Webby what do you guys get them on?

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    Re: tusk fish?

    Crabs, trying plastic ones at present

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