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Thread: Silver Fish

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    Silver Fish

    Hit Rainbow last night with Colin, beaut night slow tides and a nice half moon above and a gentle breeze, wasnt that cold but the water was.
    Try the lease first for a couple of bream, then moved across the channel to let some mullet loose, couldnt find a pike anywhere, but some mullet from Myora.
    One run before the change but no hook up, wasnt till about 1hr after the turn we had lift off, and after a short tussell a cold looking 12-13kg silver lay gleaming in the moonlight.
    That was it for the night, so headed back to Vicky Pt around 3am with a chilly s/wester blowing in our faces.

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    Re: Silver Fish

    mug shot

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    Re: Silver Fish

    plenty of these pesty little buggers around the leases

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    Re: Silver Fish

    Webby - that has to go more than 13 Kg, surely? What did you catch him on?
    I was there this afternoon for an absolute NIL RESULT. Old mate and I spent the day out on the bay and didn't even lose a bait!

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    Re: Silver Fish

    nice fish brian,

    i thought you might have been hunting - i was eyeing off the friday's "trickle in" night tide but had dad duties to perform both fri & sat while the princess worked.

    Apart from your hook anything in its gut?


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    Re: Silver Fish

    Nice fish Webby. Good to see you got rewarded for your efforts!

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    Re: Silver Fish

    G'Day Brian,

    Those pesky little squire sure are around atm. I was out around Peel
    last week and they were schooling up behind the boat, musta been 30 or more that I could see and the sounder actually blacked out.

    Tony # 8)
    BTW nice Jewie
    Light travels faster than sound, that's why some people seem Bright ...... untill they speak

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    Re: Silver Fish

    You certainly have a handle on those Silver fish [smiley=2thumbsup.gif].
    Brian, how do you get your Mullet in Myora? I can normally get the Pike but the Mullet seem a bit harder to find.
    They are great fish. I will have to have a good crack at them before winter ends.


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    Re: Silver Fish

    Hi Wymoning mate my scales are all rusty and stuff, as we couldnt weight the last lot we caught either, so its just a rough estimated so to be on the safe side put that weight up, i reckon he or she was probabley around 14kg, but wont agrue about a kilo or two.
    Yeah chris looked at friday night but winds were up, so decided sat was the better option, we might have to swap a trip each take me to the surf where i may need a few lessons and will repay with a trip in the bay
    Also was susprised to find a part digested whiptail or rainbow runner as their pretty prolific through the rainbow area, might be a good bait the trubs is trying to specifically catch one.
    Neil if you go right up into the Myora anchorage you'll find them up in the shallow, just bread and floats as you only need a few for the night, or the weed bed just south of Dunwich there usually about.
    Yet we couldnt find a pike in a few places we tried.
    Think i mention to you some time back the area to try north of Myora just sit either side of that eddie.
    I find the slowere the water in Rainbow the better.
    Tony there sure around in numbers, also that Reddie bay write up you did (thanks), might have drawn some atttention

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    Re: Silver Fish

    Hope you didn't hurt the old back lifting that girl up Brian

    Nice fish mate.

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    Re: Silver Fish

    Congratulations Brian! You're getting good at this caper


    "The underlying spirit of angling is that the skill of the angler is pitted against the instinct and strength of the fish and the latter is entitled to an even chance for it's life."
    (Quotation from the rules of the Tuna Club Avalon, Santa Catalina, U.S.A.)

    Apathy is the enemy

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    Re: Silver Fish

    Onya Webby ,
    Nice Silver .
    Searaider 2

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    Re: Silver Fish

    Quote Originally Posted by webby

    Also was susprised to find a part digested whiptail or rainbow runner as their pretty prolific through the rainbow area, might be a good bait the trubs is trying to specifically catch one.
    Not another one! Nice going Brian.

    I read about those whiptails being good bait in Grant's when I first started fishing here. Was fishing Palm reef one day when I caught a heap of 'em.......knew then that I'd drifted off the reef. Anyway, got back into position and decided to try 'em as 3 bust-offs in less than an hour! (no wire)



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    Re: Silver Fish


    Yet another good bay Jewie, good to see mate
    I think I know the spot X

    Any luck lately with Bay Snapps ??


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