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    Wello Report 9th Oct

    Hi Ausfishers & Guests.......Woke up early Sunday and looked out the window........mmmmm 20 to 30 knots doesn't #appear to be a good day to be out on the water.
    Checked with and other sources all saying the wind will abate by late morning.
    Rang the mate and said ok seabreeze has been correct in the past so lets hit the water.
    Got to the boat ramp at 9am and the place was desserted with only 1 boat trailer in a
    Water was calm until we left the leads and then we were being hammered by a strong 15 knot n/wester.
    We started a drift around the 4 to 5 metre mark but that wind pushed us around like a cork floating in a
    Tide was half way in but no bites until 2 hours before the high.
    Jim scored a squire and i hooked up to a estuary cod......both fish released to fight another day.
    By now it was noon and the wind was getting stronger not like we had anticipated but fished on for another hour before calling it a day.
    Home trip was like surfing the waves and both of us #came back like drowned rats but hey at least we had some fun and thats what fishing is all about.
    Cheers #Brent

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    Re: Wello Report 9th Oct

    pic 2

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    Re: Wello Report 9th Oct

    You are braver than us Brent. We were going to sneak out yesterday arvo, but the damn wind just never eased!!

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    Re: Wello Report 9th Oct

    You know I went looking for this report tonight, looked down and thought who on earth was down there

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    Re: Wello Report 9th Oct

    nice burnouts brent

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