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Thread: Undine reef pics

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    Undine reef pics

    Apologies for the lateness but have finall ygot the pics of mums camera. Unfortunately it ran out of batteries after the first couple of pics so land shots are it. The tally again was 5 Spanish, 17 trout, one shark mack, a nice Gold spot trevally, a small mouth nanny and a few mixed reefies. Only fished foir three hours hehe.
    Here we go, Micks first mack after losing 4 straight

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    Re: Undine reef pics

    15 kilos in the end

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    Re: Undine reef pics

    now for a few land shots, here's my big girl in bad light.

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    Re: Undine reef pics

    went 26 kg in the end

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    Re: Undine reef pics

    a couple of the macks

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    Re: Undine reef pics

    I hate this bit!

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    Re: Undine reef pics

    some nice fish there daintreeboy

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    Re: Undine reef pics

    some really good fish there mate onya

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    Re: Undine reef pics

    The small mackerel here was about 9 kilos

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    Re: Undine reef pics

    Good stuff mark! Great spanos mate, dont get much bigger than that!!

    Well done.


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    Re: Undine reef pics

    not sure if youd eat a mack that weighed 26kg. isnt it the bigger they are the more risk of ciguatera? anyway pearler of a mack. what line class or rig were you using.


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    Re: Undine reef pics

    yes you're right the bigger the fish the bigger the risk. I believe certain areas are more susceptible to ciguatera than others and our area is pretty good. Resident fish in these areas are a bigger threat too but I think this fish was not resident (not giving away any more than that lol)
    Cheers, Mark.

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    Re: Undine reef pics

    That's some very nice fish there Mark!

    Question though - Where you worried the esky would get away???

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    Re: Undine reef pics

    And do you have 3 legs ?

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    Re: Undine reef pics

    Funny post boys ....
    Great catch Mark .... does anyone like filleting???

    Well done,

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