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    Another Wellow report 22 oct

    I went to the Pin and pull the pin after an hour last night went home sad. So this afternoon i thought i should try my luck again. There where a Sh_t load of under sized Squire out there i stop counting after 10.
    I only got 3 keepers 1 Cod which wnet a shade under 60cm. and a 38cm Sqiure and a Sweetlip.
    I lost allot of gear today. Brent i think there are some big fish there........

    The Cod put up a big fight on 6 pound line...

    Jig size 1/8th HW
    Zooms in baby bass in pumkinseed.

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    Re: Another Wellow report 22 oct

    Nexted pic

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    Re: Another Wellow report 22 oct

    They are some super fish on softies... and i bet they taste good aswell. Keep it up.

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    Re: Another Wellow report 22 oct

    Good to see you got a feed Steven......I thought you may have gone to mud.......Sorry foregot to pm Friday night.
    Best plastic for the afternoon was???????
    We came back in about 2 ish but i didn't see your boat on the water.
    Were you close to shore in the shallow water?
    Cheers #Brent
    ps; Mate that reef gives up some great fish but at a price.......some days you loose lots of thats fishin for

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    Re: Another Wellow report 22 oct

    Hello Brent....
    The colour of the day was Watermelon seed Zooms 3 inch. I went to mud today and got two keepers one on water melon the other on Baby Bass 3inch.

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