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Thread: 1770 Land Based

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    Re: 1770 Land Based

    That is a great solution to the ever increasing fuel prices
    that boaties have to concern themselves with every trip.

    They certainly have some great fishies there,

    Good on them


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    Re: 1770 Land Based

    the frist thing i thought was HELL YEA great work

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    Re: 1770 Land Based

    These guys seem to know what they are dooing quite well.

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    Re: 1770 Land Based

    Hey I recognize two of those fishos, they were on the wall in iluka March this yr knocking the crap out of tuna
    reel nice guys.
    Fish should fear that lot

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    Re: 1770 Land Based

    I've seen those Iluka photos. Gee they were massive tuna they caught .

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    Re: 1770 Land Based

    We breed em tuff over at Sportfish Extreme!!! >

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    Re: 1770 Land Based

    Great fish!! I wish I could be there now

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