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Thread: Banks.....A first for me

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    Banks.....A first for me

    went to the banks yesterday with my mate and his dad in there 6m hooker. What a smooth ride!!
    stayed on the same spot where we bagged out on good snapper and got 11 pearlies. Also got my first true snapper Most of the big snapper were caught on floaters. Perfect conditions and plnety of tuna close in to maloolaba.

    no pics as i took photos with a film camera

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    Re: Banks.....A first for me

    scott forgot to mention that the best snapper they got was a wopping 8 kilos to brad his biggest yet good onya fallas

    and that hooker it rides really well like a hot knife through butter

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    Re: Banks.....A first for me

    I don't think that type of language is appropriate on this site chemmy.
    Nice going scott.

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    Re: Banks.....A first for me


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    Re: Banks.....A first for me

    Good catch Scott. 8kg is a quality Snapper [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]



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    Re: Banks.....A first for me

    nice scott. atleast your story hasn;t changed

    well done
    cheers phil
    Bring on the Marlin!!!

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