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Thread: starfed sunday

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    Re: starfed sunday

    you still had a good day Rob, no sunnies is a killer out there. all trips can't be perfect.

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    Re: starfed sunday

    Rob, i'm surprised you didnt make an appearence at the 18 mile given the fishing ont he banks wasn't quite up to scratch.
    I headed out to the 8 & 18 mile with the new owners of the puddin yesterday. We managed to get 2 bait jigs nailed by billfish, 3 mac tuna and 2 cobes. The bait, water temp and clarity on the 18 mile were all awesome, the fish just weren't playing the game! It can't be too long now until the fish make a true appearence.

    Cheers, CJ

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    Re: starfed sunday

    thought i heard someone say Magic Puddin on the radio yesterday... no wonder lol

    i was fishing with Vertico off the banks.. working our way down south.. pretty dismal... few pearlies, gold spot wrasse and parrot.. and a coupla small squire.. then headed home... running into Rob and crew on the way home.picked up a few small cobes then dashed in

    Saw a small billie.. prolly a black off the eastern side of the banks slashing into some bait.. unfortunately Sean didnt see it.. looked about 20-30kg size when only moments before a school of small flyingfish ran for cover


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    Re: starfed sunday

    still managed to put a good feed together
    we ventured out sunday to cal wide and
    the fishing was way below average. managed a
    few but nothing to write home about.

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    Re: starfed sunday

    should have lent a set of polarised lenses off me rob always got atleast 1 set in the boat

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    Re: starfed sunday

    Bad luck Rob, seems like everybody has a crap day now and again. I had a shocker sat, tried some new ground and techniques.. going to take a lot more work! I found some great looking jack country down the tweed thou, just have to work out how and when to catch the buggers.


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