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Thread: Banks 22-0ct

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    Banks 22-0ct

    G day fellas

    got to the ramp at 5 am and met some mates who Scott (scott15) went with and headed out together and yes a glass boat sure takes the chop better then a tinny. As soon as we got there, at 6:30am the hot bite started and we ended up with 3 Trag Jew around the 1-2kilo mark, five snapper (1-3.8 kilo) and two pearlies. Then moved to our pearly ground and got another 19 pearlies one of which was 3 kilo (go dad ) and some squire. Then moved back to our first spot and one of the other fellas got a another pearly around 3.2 kilo and some more squire, a gold spot wrasse and a tusky. It was a great day out. Scott15 and crew bagged out on snapper one of which was estimated at 8 kilo (go brad ) and 11 pearlies.
    i ended up miscountingagain but this time i thought i had our limit of pearlies but we had only 22 and we let three 45cm ones go becaues of it.

    the boat scott went in
    you should see this thing ride

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    Re: Banks 22-0ct

    our mafia friends

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    Re: Banks 22-0ct

    dads lil pearly

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    Re: Banks 22-0ct

    my lil snapper

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    Re: Banks 22-0ct

    the end result

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    Re: Banks 22-0ct

    the gang

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    Re: Banks 22-0ct

    some of the snapper

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    Re: Banks 22-0ct

    me and one of the guys

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    Re: Banks 22-0ct

    to help you see the size of the pearly

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    Re: Banks 22-0ct

    Geez chemmy, you dont mind a feed!

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    Re: Banks 22-0ct

    the models and the catch

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    Re: Banks 22-0ct

    at home that is it for another trip tune in for next time

    and special thanks to my loyal lil filleting slave scott15

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    Re: Banks 22-0ct

    Worse than a japanese snappn away at a kangaroo! Any more pics that you can pose for??

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    Re: Banks 22-0ct

    how is that marlin coming along

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    Re: Banks 22-0ct

    Well done michael!! quality fish there. Im no longer a snapper virgin Hows that hooker ay

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