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Thread: School Mackerel

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    School Mackerel

    Just wondering if anyones been catching any schoolies. Im keen to go catch a few?

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    Re: School Mackerel

    suppose to be a few northern bay
    and middle

    cheers pete

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    Re: School Mackerel

    The Bribie beacons will be holding some.

    Also try the 4 beacons. Maybe drifting between the main 2 will be a good start. Use a paternoster rig, with the 1 loop only, and make that loop about a mtr long. Pink skirt and pillie. You may be suprized !

    Cheers Phill
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    Re: School Mackerel

    how far you usually have the loop from the sinker phill
    1m , 2m or maybe 3m ?

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