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Thread: Big Crays

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    Big Crays

    Just spent the weekend at Kurramine beach. Sunday morning went for a quick run out to Adelaide reef in search of some cray we got 5, two were quite large the biggest 3.6kg.We left the trout alone as I have a few fillets in the freezer, but my mate Mark did get a nice Jack. Also of note was the large amount of Barramundi cod we saw around 7 for the morning and some around 75cm long and 1 Maori Wrasse about as big as my kitchen door it was good to see as these are both spectacular fish close up under water. Cheers Andrew.

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    Re: Big Crays

    Kids with Crays.

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    Re: Big Crays

    Blokes with crays and Jack.

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    Re: Big Crays

    absolutely bloody brilliant

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    Re: Big Crays

    Unbelievable crays. Very impressive.

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    Re: Big Crays

    there some monster crays.

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    Re: Big Crays

    Don't let Bugman see them ones . AWESOME .
    Cheers, Jay

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    Re: Big Crays

    I think one of them crays IS bugman....

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    Re: Big Crays

    Well done

    Regards, Tony

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    Re: Big Crays

    whow arent they beautys

    cheers pete

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    Re: Big Crays

    Bet those big ones were chewy, use to dive that reef with my old man when I was a young tacker, used to get heaps of crays on the big isolated white headed bombies. Looks like it is still producing as for the barra cod, protected for their beauty is crap they look so much better with 7mm of steel through the head I reckon

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    Re: Big Crays

    It's alright fellas... I'm in a better mood this week.

    I've booked my trip to Tassie in the new year for nearly 3 weeks and the Crays are already starting to quake

    However I feel there has been way too much posting of Cray pics on this site and as yet the mailman hasn't delivered any cooler boxes with cray tails to my house. >

    Obviously there's a breakdown in communication somewhere so I'll just remind everyone.

    20% of every cray catch must be delivered to me within 3 days of capture. Post it to the ABC brisbane and I'll do the rest.

    Failure to adhere to these rules could result in personal inury - or worse - being banned from AUSFISH. (I have friends in high places)

    You have been warned

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    Re: Big Crays

    wow those crays are crazy did you get them next to a nuclear power plant or something

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    Re: Big Crays

    What fifth of the cray would you like Brett? I only need the tail and maybe an antenna or 2. Our boat only managed 2 on the week end.... but since I am unaware of the 3 day expiry date, I wish to apply for exemtion (not extension) for this occaision.

    Chemmy, too much simpsons is a good thing!

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    Re: Big Crays


    I may be in a nice mood but DON'T PUSH IT

    Seriously would you be interested in taking me for a run one weekend. Some time in the new year I might fly up for a couple of days and see how you northerners do it.

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