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    Weekend up at 1770

    Took a relative from NZ up to 1770 fri,sat and sun. Had great weather dived lamont,fitzroy,boult,outer wides and some wrecks. Got plenty of 3-4kg trout, 3 spanish a 11kg tusky and some parrotfish. It was the first time I had dived the outer wides and it was quite a productive spot. Needless to say my cousin was blown away. Highlights were fending off some pesky whalers at the outers and diving amongst huge schools of cobia,trevelly,barracudas,mackeral and sharks over some of the wrecks in 30-40m. Also took some crays and a few squid off the reef. Will post some pics when I get camera back off a mate. Cheers Doug.

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Dam that sounds awesome doug, cant wait to see the pics. You blokes are nuts swiming around there with noahs about. Dont u feel like a dangling carrot sometimes ?? I'd be paranoid as .. lol.


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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    I just read Mad Dog Mick's comments in the feeding frenzy 1770 post about sinking a boat with sharks around and looked at Tony's picture of the sharks teeth marks on the outboard, then come here to read that Doug has been happily frolicking around with local noahs. What a crack up!

    Nice going mate, those whalers are nuts eh? The last couple I saw were trying to get my trout off the spear which was in a cave. I saw them thrashing around then suddenly leave with something in the biggest ones mouth. I thought they had the trout but it was a piece of coral. Then they were all fighting over the piece of rock. Sh!t it was funny.

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    yous guys have brassies ithought of having a look under there a couple of weeks ago but was to shit scared

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Will get photos tomorrow. Jb I try to keep that carrot tucked in the wettie! Mick, they love a bit of coral tasting, there were a lot around. After losing three and having to retie my rig we put them straight in the boat. Sharks are bullies, you just have to give them a good poke with a sharp spear and they back off. If any of you guys want to give it a go I'd be only to happy to come out and show you the ropes. I love line fishing as well but diving gets the adrenaline pumping. Those sharks were around the coast and we were out 60-70k's on the reef, but if I had of known we would have been in amongst the bait balls filming and diving, we aim to do this next time they appear off Straddie. They have more than enough food around. Doug

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    cant wait ti see the photos dug.
    11kg parrot
    top report mate

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Doug, you don't have to show me the ropes, but you can take me with you to the reef. When is the next magazine out, must be soon?

    By the way mate, i read your recent story about diving inside Morton and picked up something you said about water vis being better at low tide inside the Bay.

    The water is filthy in my area at the moment, so i took your advise and dived the low tide. Wow, 3 foot visability to 25 foot vis in only a few hours and then back to 3 foot vis again, not long after low tide.

    Thanks mate, i had a window of opportunity for only a couple of hours which helped land 3 trout and 2 crays.



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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Okay got the camera back. Pic1 me with a 15kg spanish

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Pic2 me with 2 trout from the outer wides about 22m

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Pic3 My brother dan with 2 more

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Pic3 mate skinman with corker 11kg tusky

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Pic 5 Me dad with 2 of the crays

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Think we drove past you at the Outers Saturday morning about 7-8am. Were you in a stabi. We were in a 6.5 Sailfish. Got some good fish just out a bit further from where you were diving. what depths you diving? did you dive the barcoola wreck? Tony.

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Pic 6 us on the boat

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Pic 7 at home with a few hard hours ahead.

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