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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Tony that was us. We were diving in about 22-24m. Saw lots of trout from 3-6kg. We went to the lump before fitzroy and fitzroy itself later that day. We never got around to getting to the barcoola but dived the cetecea and got more spanish there. That place is alive with big fish! Great weather hey. Had not been up to 1770 for almost a year. So it was great to be back.

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Tough luck, you guys will be eating nothing but trout for the next few months.

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Great selection there guys look like
    all good quality fish

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Looks like you might have to start swimming for your trout perko. The more you can get the better.

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    You can have your trout stuie. Rather eat an iodine.

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    awsome report and bloody good fish!!!

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770


    Nice work. Some guys from Diveoz were up there at the same time. They, like you, reported an amazing amount of fish life on all the wrecks. Sound like everything is pretty thick at the moment.

    I still can't beleive you guys dive down to 22-25m. I would use half my tank to get down that far

    Bloody mad I tells ya !!!! Where's my scuba?


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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    "whats the time"

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Quote Originally Posted by DougHanning
    Will get photos tomorrow. Jb I try to keep that carrot tucked in the wettie!


    No free diving and this is definitley a carrot free pic forum

    Nice mack

    Were you guys diving N/E corner of Flinders couple of weeks ago ?



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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    Awesome look forward to reading the article doug, you guys get all those on rabis?

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    Re: Weekend up at 1770

    It could have been. Was it a tuesday? I just completed an open water snorkeling coaching course and took the guys who ran the course out for a snorkel and spear. That was a pearler of a day as well. Got a nice coro and a big blunthead parrot. Lost a 25-30kg wahoo at brennans shoal, had him on for about 15 mins, it was heartbreaking. Saw a school of about 10 hoo's all over 20k's. Devocean- we were using 1.2m rabbi's as trout are pretty easy to spear and a smaller gun is easier around coral and bommies. Here's a pic of the two fish I got a few weeks back. Cheers all

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