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    I have a simular problem
    when I clean my fish at the ramp the old folk sit on the seats near by and watch me clean them .when I ask if any would like some they all pull bags out of their pockets and line up
    and very little fish ends up comming home with me
    It feels good to give some of the old fisho's a feed I'm sure they enjoy it


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    Wel done Paul and Dave,

    One of the reasons I joined this site was to enjoy sharing the fishing experiences of other succesful fisherman and ESPECIALLY the better catches (within bag limits of course). Another enjoyable aspect is the fact that it seems that we have a relatively educated forum here that is able to write an exciting and well versed account of their photographs (IN THE FISHING WORLD THAT IS AWESOME!!!). Thanks Foxy and co.

    How boring would the posts be if we relied on the likes of the "SAVE THE EVERYTHING FOR OUR CHILDREN BRIGADE". (E.g: We only fished for a couple of hours cause we caught two fish, we didn't take photos cause we didn't want to stress the poor critters and sorry we don't have any photos of any big ones cause our 6lb braid couldn't handle any of them).

    I have children and so being reponsible ... I stick to my bag limits and size limits and yes ... I feed my four children on a very healthy seafood diet. All my kids enjoy seafood more than meat and chicken ... and why would that be?!?!? Because we prefer to eat fresh seafood than most other foodstuffs. I believe that a large percentage of this "holier than thou" brigade (As is the case in the circles I frequent) don't even like seafood and so believe that it is more important to enjoy the thrill of the catch than the whole process of catch your groceries and provide the best possible (non steroidal injected/chemically saturated) foodstuffs for your very precious offspring.

    Duh ... what's more important your children being able to catch a few more fish or living longer due to a healthy/natural diet?!?!

    I will make this a picky and pointed viewpoint because I cannot stand to see people under the guise of a self righteous conservationist state that their opinion is "right"!!! This is just another way of saying that everyone that doesn't share the same ideals is "wrong"!?

    Badone, manacubus, pharq2 (All new members I might add) Save the criticism or make it constructive. Take a lesson in reading and mathematics. As aforementioned their were twenty cobia kept not thirty ... also you tell me how you can even possibly get 180kg of fillets off 240kg of cobia. I've filleted and weighed the edible portions of tens of tonnes of fish and you would be lucky to get 90 to 100kg of fillets. I make these points because if your going to sledge someone please ensure that you are armed with the facts as other people read these posts and form opinions from uneducated guestimates or misrepresentation of the facts.

    Jeremy ... leave Chemmy alone!?!?!?

    You're the reason that I have elected to respond. How hypocritical to state that a person should be allowed to express a viewpoint and in the same post tell everyone on this forum that your viewpoint is "RIGHT" and that a young very active and exciting member (one of our children) should "Pull his head in ... AND ... wasn't long ago you couldn't catch jack ... AND THEN ... Lucky boy you've got daddy to take you fishing?!?!?"

    If it's not bad enough to make a personal attack on the young fellow you then take on the underlying values of his father son relationship!?!? I love seeing his posts and especially the improvements, personal bests, and the interaction with his dad!!

    I nearly left this forum after being hammered by the likes of Jeremy and co and personally I would hate to miss seeing the development of our young member Chemmy should he leave this forum after being subjected to the immature "apparent" moralistic barrage from the misguided self righteous element.

    Oh yeah ... did I say well done boys ... great catch ... I'm old have four kids and love fish especially cobia so if you have any spare fillets from the "90 KILOS OFF YOUR 20 COBIA" I also work for QR so drop me a line ... or fillet!?!?

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    I couldn't agree with you more rocket. I love this site and I can't stand seeing people getting hammered about keeping fish. The accusers should probably find out a little more information before making fools of themselves by making assumptions.

    Good report fellas. Keep the reports coming!

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    Hi there rocket

    Don't tell people to "save the criticism" just because they're expressing an opinion. That's what a forum is all about. Debate is healthy, and education is (hopefully?) the result. My opinion (and that of a lot of others it seems) is that coming home with 20 cobia in the fish box is overkill, regardless of the fact that doing so complies with regulations. I’m speaking as an avid fisherman (who keeps and eats fish!) and someone with a degree in Marine Biology.

    There’s a big difference between feeding your family and friends and being in a position where you need to “get rid of fish” by walking the neighbourhood.

    Let me pose a question for you. If 20 cobia between two is fine, what about taking along a couple of mates? Is 40 cobes between four okay too? What about 60 cobes? Still okay? When is enough enough?

    Incidentally mate, I too work for QR!

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    Rocket, Does constructive criticism mean we have to agree with every post. An opinion is just that, an opinion. That is why this is a forum not a mutual appreciation society. Also I stand corrected ONLY 20 Cobia were kept not 30 not that it makes a hell of a difference. One more point if you are only getting 90kgs of filletts from 240kg of whole fish (Cobia especially) then maybe you need to change the way you cut fish up.

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    gidday all,
    As a part time looker aT AUSFISH lately, I would like to put my veiws on the above topic
    1 I am a fisher that loves to kill fish for the consumption of them tasty morsels!!
    2. Bag limits are generallly up the s#*t and need to be looked at. (5 snapper and pearlies at 35cm needs to be looked at asap
    3. Have on the last few trips got on to a hot cobia bite 4 people on board each time and taken 8 fish, the rest were catch and release.
    so i surpose its up to the angler to say when is the esky full,because it is his right as a fisho to do that.
    5 i would not keep that many & it seems to me to be a overkill of a fish just because they were there.
    6 ibelieve that what comes around goes around.
    7 dave this is not a attack on you hope to have a beer shorty
    8 being a fishing site just giving my veiw on a subjert well worthwhile
    9 letts look at changing these bag limits that are out of touch
    any way fingers are sore sea you on the water lee

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    90 kg of fillets is about a 40% yeild which is as good as any professional fish filleter will produce off cobia (large head) . Next time you cut a fish up Badone weigh the frame,gut,skin and bones seperate to the end fillet and you might find that you are the one who needs a filleting lesson .Better to keep 10 large fish like Cobia which are common worldwide than to catch less common fish.Great catch guys well done.

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    Dave, Paul - Well done guys looks like a hot session in and out of the water

    Lots of opinions here which is great as we are all entittled to them but I think the main point here is that Dave and Paul stayed within baglimits and more importantly knew what they were going to do with the fish and NOTHING was wasted.

    Manacubus - I agree with a lot of what you are speaking about but you have also assumed that the guys go on some sort of street door-knockathon trying to give away fish which knowing Dave and Paul I doubt 100%. Dave has already addressed this in his post. Hell if I was a pensioner, lived in Foxies street, knew him well and saw him going out then I reckon there would be a pretty good chance of getting a feed on most occassions I also think if we are all going to be honest about this subject then we all need to acknowledge that we have taken more fish than we needed for our imediate consumption while still staying within the bag limits. I do most times I fish because I always make sure I have some for my family on both sides as they cannot or dont fish themselves but I stress that I always staywithin the rules.

    If the boys did not have a use for their baglimit then I have no doubt (as they have shown in previous posts) they would have not kept as many - end of story. It would have been something to cry out and protest loudly about if they all just went into a freezer or used for burley but they weren't.



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    I copped a comment or two about my cobes I kept but as I said and will say again, 'Have your opinion, but you wanna be rude about it we can talk face to face'. I'm not gonna be bullied by wimps over the screen.
    I'm all for looking after our fish stocks as every trip out we usually kept only the 1st cobia caught each even though pleanty more were at the back of the boat begging to be caught. I too share my catch with family and freinds and when the freezer is low...I will go fill it again. Some of my family and freinds can't spend the $ to go eat fresh fish as much as they like to, and I have no problems in helping them out. I never waste or disrespect my catch.
    Why arn't you guys at the supermarket and fishshops yelling at them for the amounts of fish they sell or finding Joe Blow who eats heaps of seafood everyday and telling him off. It all comes from the same ocean. Paul and Dave were well in their rights to keep what they caught just as you are all entitled to your opinions. What I don't agree with is using one post to try to gang up on other members and force your opinion down their throat. I usually don't keep that many fish when they are hot, but if i choose to on the day, then that's MY choice.
    There has been soooo many posts with bag limits of a few species reached for everyone onboard which have gone untouched by your comments. Something does need to be done with some bag limits and we all know DPI hasn't got a clue but all these posts concentrating on this one report seems to have gone far enough and your point was heard a couple pages back.
    Well done Dave and Paul.
    Cheers, Jay

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    Too right Greg . If you posted before I started typing you would have saved me some keystrokes .

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    Paul - up to 70 posts now champ

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    Well hopefully this is the last post [smiley=stop.gif]

    Why you might ask, well thats simple : I've had an absolute gutful of people having a go at Dave and myself that can't even get there bl**DY FACTS STRAIGHT .

    I've said before that I don't mind people expressing their opinions and that still stands, but fair go boys at least know what the hell your talking about.
    For those that do not believe some of the things said on this topic and think that I'm at home feasting on cobia then you can stick those comments fair up your shirt. I don't care for it and its a waste of peoples time reading it.

    Greg, Jay and others thanks for the support [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    Now hopefully this might fade away into the back pages like it should of at post 50 .

    Cheers Paul.

    If you still want to have a go at me, at least make it constructive.

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    Nahh bugger that you won't get the last word its only 10pmish and I've only had a few reds. Great trip and good friggin onya for catching more than I can dare dream about and sharing it around too.
    They're not an endangered species and won't be as long as the average fisho catches my average. You catching heaps has bugger all to do with my lower catchrate but if you teach all off us how to be as skilful as you we might have to revise the quotas!! (I'd love to add to the problem and thus please keep the tips flowing my way.)

    Thanks heaps guys for being an inspiration in that I can get better at this, and thanks for the rest of you to make me think twice if I ever got to the problem of hitting the limit. (but you can relax as i lack the time and skill to seriously impact the fish stocks.) Mind you the new boat has space for a large esky!!!

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