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    Re: 10 kilo Point Lookout Jobbie

    Hey devocean- this time of year is not real good for
    viz up there.
    Hey Sacman - you got it! Can't wait to hear first hand about that monster spanish!

    Heres a pic I took of my jack bite. This was when I got home but it has come out to be a nice bruise now.
    You know what they say"no one likes a biter"

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    Re: 10 kilo Point Lookout Jobbie

    It could have been worse Doug. It could have been the jobbie instead.

    Ranger 188VX - "Sweet Chariot"

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    Re: 10 kilo Point Lookout Jobbie

    Bloody nice jobbie and good jacks too. Sounds like an.... interesting trip. BEtter the jack than the bronzey's though.

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    Re: 10 kilo Point Lookout Jobbie

    Quote Originally Posted by Big_Ren
    [quote author=finding_time link=1137369813/0#3 date=1137372198][quote author=Big_Ren link=1137369813/0#2 date=1137371922]A quality jobbie Doug. Although we get quite a few rosies (much smaller than their Hervey Bay cousins), I didn't think the greens were down this far?


    I've seen green job's caught in the coff's harbour area and of the goldie!


    Thanks Ian. I have only ever caught them in offshore Fraser waters and they are real beasties. Good to learn something new.


    Paul (and vertico),
    Not sure who it was that scored a MONSTER green jobfish last year on the gold coast whilst fishing livies under ballons for spanish macks. I think it was 'hagar'!?!?? Can anyone confirm.
    The thing was evil looking and bloody massive. Think it went near or maybe even over 20kg!!! #
    Hagar if you read this, maybe you can post it again ... was an awesome trophy fish!
    On that note, my hat off to you Doug as well. As per usual great capture and nice variety to boot .
    Well done,

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    Re: 10 kilo Point Lookout Jobbie

    Top fish there mate, a few battle scars to show for it as well.

    We got 2 jobbies off the Tweed on 9mile when we went out on monday so there must be a few around

    cheers rod

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    Re: 10 kilo Point Lookout Jobbie

    Trouble starts when you have to worry about the Jacks coming out of the cave and biting you through the wetsuit, rather than the 100 odd whalers about hey.

    Superb. I'm glad your still with us.

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    Re: 10 kilo Point Lookout Jobbie

    Great Jacks, wish I got them. For consistancy's sake I can say that I have caught a couple of Green Jobies down around the tweed 9 Mile over previous years. But not that size.


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    Re: 10 kilo Point Lookout Jobbie

    good fish mate would love to get back into diving but the old lungs are shot to many smokes i think lol


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    Re: 10 kilo Point Lookout Jobbie

    love to have a go at those jacks on rodnreel

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    Re: 10 kilo Point Lookout Jobbie

    Been a while since I've seen a green Job fish over five kilos.

    Well done


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