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Thread: Shelf dive

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    Shelf dive

    Headed out 40kms off cape moreton yesterday looking for tuna, marlin etc. Conditions were like glass but there was no activity anywhere. Dove with some dolphins in at least 350m(the furuno stopped reading at this depth) and the visibility was forever. #After lunch headed home but had one drift on some shallow reef to get some fish for the week and got two small spanish. Anyone have any rough gps marks for the moreton canyons? Just wondering if we were looking in the right area. #

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    Re: Shelf dive

    Conditions on the shelf

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    Re: Shelf dive

    geez how long did it take to get out there?

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    Re: Shelf dive

    I got moreton sea mountain if that helps. You'd have to have great lungs to bottom dive that one .
    27.45.842 155.17.883....don't forget to fill the tank before you head out.
    Cheers, Jay

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    Re: Shelf dive


    I just remembered why you called these 7-10kg blues, "small spanish" You are a modest bugger really!!

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    Re: Shelf dive

    Doug... in 350m you are pretty much there!!

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    Re: Shelf dive

    Hey Doug, How come you boys wern't up in Mackay for the state titles?

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    Re: Shelf dive

    SlyDeckie- only 1:45 from scarborough.
    Jay- I think that one is brittania sea mount, moreton sea mount is north of that one and yes it has been contemplated. The logistics of carrying 800-1000l of fuel in a 5.5m boat is a problem. Have been out to the swains before though 250km round trip.
    Badone - I dive for the enjoyment and have played competitive sport most of my life so have no desire for that to enter my recreation. I see a lot of fish that I choose not to shoot and am not a fan of competitions where a lot of fish are killed for the sake of rating youself against someone else(just my opinion), but saying that I am friends with a few guys that dive them and enjoy them so each to their own.
    Jeffo- yeah have talked to a few guys and it seems we were in the right area just nothing going on. That feeling of having 300+m under you as you dive into the blue is unlike anything else.
    Lone_wolf- shucks Anything under 20kgs is small!

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    Re: Shelf dive


    I have done some diving( scuba) at osprey reef ( sea mount) there you have got around 3000-5000meters below you and about 150m vis, AWESOME!! Some of the Doggies out there a just about bigger than the boat!!

    Alcohol doesn't agree with me, but i sure do enjoy the argument!!!

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    Re: Shelf dive

    Doug, I agree with you each to their own but if you give comps a go you may change your opinion. The score sheets are quite restrictive in that no sweetlip, large cod, batfish, unicorn etc are weighed in. The remaining fish are made up of trout, all the emporers, most pelagics and parrotts(except napoleon parrotts). You guys chase these species on a regular basis as is shown by your photos and I read how you blokes are regularly competing against each other on your local dives. Comps test your fitness, fish knowledge as well as diving ability. Also all the fish are donated to meals on wheels so many people benefit. Sorry to get off the topic but it would be good to see some new faces at our sports main events. Simon.

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    Re: Shelf dive

    Simon, I was invited to jump aboard Norcat2 but ruptured an ear drum at Brittamar Reef on the previous week end. Were you on board that vessel? I was told there were 27 spearos on board!


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    Re: Shelf dive

    Hey Doug, did you see the competition running in the International Freediving mag, something about a photo and fish competition. The prize was that new V rail gun by Sea Hornet. Anyhow, I won the sucker (well toss up between me and the mate that took the photo) but have never used a sea Hornet before. I always thought they were a wooden gun but I don't think this one is. What do you know about these guns? Is it worth a shot or should I just give it to my mate for a couple of cartons and stick with my faithful RA? I am holding the 2x 8.5kg Queenies (Dan is the photographer)

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    Re: Shelf dive

    That GPS mark for Moreton Sea Mountain is half way to Chile. Its about 100NM east of Point Lookout.
    Hope there's something to do when you get there!
    What other people think about me is not my business: Michael J Fox.

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    Re: Shelf dive

    Mick, Great trip, great boat, great crew and the weather was a good as it gets. The bar has been set for future state comps. Vis was pretty average and 10 species won the day on both Sat and Sunday. Ray Powell won, Adam Smith second and Tony Heugh third. Bad luck about your ear. Yes there was 25 or so divers, plenty of room.

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    Re: Shelf dive

    I took the photo mick and it was a photgraphic competition lets not forget that now, badone, 220 bucks for the day wasnt a bad offer for the norkatt, do you rate her for a dive vessel and diyouguys hit the reef the second day out. Was going to enter but heard it was a one dayy reef trip and the other day was just going to be inshore. Who won the lucky dooir prize as well?

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