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Thread: Shelf dive

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    Re: Shelf dive

    doug- very rarely is out there!! 99% of our marlin and tuna bites are in the middle of a dead looking ocean. i dare say it would be a long day floating around out there looking for them under water!!!

    your best bet might be getting a big cube trail going for a few hours and then jumping over.

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    Re: Shelf dive

    lmao jeff, best bet he will only do it once tigers ocean whalers whites blues in no particular order.

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    Re: Shelf dive

    Doug your a mad man
    I have a spot near the shelf some where which would suit you to a tee. I hope you have a shark shield but.

    Cheers Greg The place for wicked fish pics, articles and DVD's. Your ultimate reef fishing DVD "Double Island Point & Beyond" on sale now.

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    Re: Shelf dive

    Devocean, Day 1 was a reef 75nm out to sea and day 2 was a dive at Penrith Is about 40nm out. If anything the Island was a better dive with fish quality a little better such as jacks, coastal trout spanish etc. Norcat 2 is one of the best fishing/diving boats I have been on. Only three years old, everything works, big bunks, plenty of room, quiet when underway,good cleaning board, large snap freezer, aircon cabins and a good skipper which makes a big difference. One of the Mackay boys won the lucky door prize. There are two Coral sea trips in november and one in dec -if you are keen give Craig the owner a ring.

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    Re: Shelf dive

    At least with visibility going off into infinity you can see anything coming. Perhaps if you shoot a few of those small doggies and tie them off while the're still green you could cut the fuel bill.

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    Re: Shelf dive

    Quote Originally Posted by mackmauler
    lmao jeff, best bet he will only do it once tigers ocean whalers whites blues in no particular order.
    Rob you really have to get over this irrational FEAR of sharks there just a predator like yourself!!
    Alcohol doesn't agree with me, but i sure do enjoy the argument!!!

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    Re: Shelf dive

    Thanks badone have emailed them about the september trip

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    Re: Shelf dive

    By the way doug enjoyed your article on the 35kg cobia very impressive

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    Re: Shelf dive

    Thanks for the info guys. Will definately get a good burley trail going next time. Sorry about the late reply but have been building playgrounds in Toowoomba for a week and when I came home had some computer issues.
    Mick - nice queenies, if the new sea hornet is a railgun I'm sure it will be fine, all railguns are pretty much the same(even though we are sponsed by rabbitech - hope they don't read this)
    Ian- I will have a 45ft yacht by the end of the year which will be kept at gladstone, then I can get out to Marion,Frederick,Kenn etc to chase big doggies. A mate of mine Cameron( a yank) just shot a 91kg doggie in indonesia - it was a monster.
    Rob- have dove with tigers,bulls,blue and oceanic whitetips(their nasty buggers) and probably have dove with a white but I haven't seen them but I bet they have seen me. I'm more worried about getting left behind in the water than sharks.
    Greg- you tease , my shark shield is a 7mm spear.

    Went out on Sunday but it was a bit to squally to head out to the shelf. Dove everywhere round moreton and didn't pull the trigger once. No fish anywhere but lots of rain.
    Cheers all Doug

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    Re: Shelf dive

    what type, size gun do you use

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