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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    Well Done Doug...good variety of fish and some nice crays #[smiley=thumbsup.gif] [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    cheers tim #

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    hi doug
    nice feed of fish
    love the crays

    cheers pete

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    Wow. thats what I call a feed.

    Love your work...

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    Thanks for the feedback guys.
    We practice see and release, at the spots where we get our jacks there are usually between 8-15 of them but we only take a couple so they will still be there next time.
    Spiro- the jacks we get down here are just about always in a wreck or cave. Sometimes they will be out swimming around but always within spitting distance of their shelter. If you ever catch one, lock in that gps spot as they frequent the same spots. All of my cray footage is on video but I'll take some pics of them lined up in their holes over Easter.
    Bugman- sorry about that was unaware of the rule. They fed 12 of us last night. First crays of the season are always the sweetest.

    I went through my D3 freedive watch last night and did over 100 dives at an average of 15m(crays in this depth). Thats 3km total distance travelled up and down and at an average of 1:15 thats over 1hr 40mins holding my breath. No wonder breathing feels easy today and my legs a little sore.
    Cheers all and have a safe Easter Weekend Doug

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    you frikken legend doug~

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    Un bloody believable!!!!

    Great catch there. I had no idea there were so many Crays out there. At 15m they are pretty safe from me anyway


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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    do they tend to hang with certain fish Doug? i got a few from Hendersons years ago{12-15} and i would always catch spangeld sweeties with them
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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