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    Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    Left manly at about 5am on Sunday to dive round moreton. First spot in the bay we were diving it was still abit dark and scary when 100kg+ groper appear out of the murk. Still we scored a couple of jacks,tuskys and a trout. Headed out off the top past Flinders and I managed a mackie and two jobbies. SCoured the coffee rocks for a few hours and got our bag of ten big crays but no mackies. Headed down off point lookout but only saw one billfish tail swimming off. Came in closer and got two more jacks and two small jews. Back through the bar and home to clean the catch. Lovely day.
    Cheers all Doug bigger jobbie

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    2. The days work

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    3. Tonights dinner!

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    bloody top catch there doug

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    thats some quality variety doug, awesome stuff

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    Doug i wish i had the gumption to do what you do
    can you get any under water shots of spearing the crays? it would be good to see.
    Question ---do the jacks hang on the bottom or up so far?
    pm me if you want to keep it private
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    Well thats a good feed, suppose its difficult to catch/release when you spear the fish huh.

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    hey spiro, i know you asked doug, i,ve seen heaps of jacks in the water they just seem to hang round structer, they just cruise round being the hunter not the hunted they seem to be very relaxed looking smash some food that jumps in its way,untill doug and his stainless come along anyway, so i would so bottom and mid water , you don,t miss many by the looks doug good work, wish my shooting was as good, good to hear you get a bit freeked out by the big blue sometimes too.

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    Shiit doug, awosme catch

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    Bret will be jealous

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    Bet you Ymer will be doing the same rounds as doug did this weekend!!

    Nice haul Doug

    We will get ours up at north west mick [smiley=guitarist.gif]
    Best you stop smoking now!

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    Not sure what to say - I'm a bit confused.

    That seems like a lot of crays but none have actually made it to my house yet.

    Maybe Doug is unaware of the rule!

    1/3 of all crayfish catches must be dropped off at my house withing 2 days of captures - OTHERWISE BAD THINGS HAPPEN.

    Doug - we should talk.


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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4


    BAD THINGS HAPPEN!! hahahahahahaha

    Doug if you take buggy fishing bad things will happen!!! You wont see a fish or cray all day!!

    And a sailing boat will probably run you over.

    Alcohol doesn't agree with me, but i sure do enjoy the argument!!!

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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    Brett I think you will be ok in Tassie. Breakfast lunch and dinner lobsters with a side of abolone..........................LUCKY PLICK

    How much is it going to cost to send up a box of crays and a carton of ninth island sav blanc?

    Best you find out

    My flights are booked


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    Re: Crays n Reefes Sun9/4

    Bloody awesome

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