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    Re: 3 hoo in 3 hours

    hi doug
    that hoo looks as big as you
    nice fish great pics

    cheers pete

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    Re: 3 hoo in 3 hours

    "My boat is always open for anyone to show me how easy it is.
    Cheers doug "

    I wonder how many takers you are going to get on that one


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    Re: 3 hoo in 3 hours

    Nuffy - give it a try sometime, might suprise you how sporting it is!

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    Re: 3 hoo in 3 hours

    doug- having been in flippers and toting a 9'pranger in hand myself'-it only strikes me as naive to call what you do "unsporting" takes some kahuna's to swim with bleeding fish in hand, in known tigershark inhabited waters

    nuffy- try it and see how you go, before you verbalise your negativity. what you are is called "jealous". even if you put it in a question.

    so many people making ethical commentry on the activities of the more adventurous or more able.....i wonder the name of the boat they ride in? funny our society doesn't count first hand experience for much these days, i think it's a burden of governments prior, who have "over-educated" alot of people under 40years old. i hope we see a drop in white collar public sector pay rates to bring em' up to speed with their own productivity.

    do we set the programme for world full of basket cases who know F.A and can tell you all about anything (googled up on the net').
    wish i could catch a trout off hutchies/flinders- i was one of those trolling on sunday morning

    i used to do better trolling in my little cuddy with a fourstroke engine, we were in the seafarer victory with the evinrude engine 2strk. smelly they are but a fast ride home!
    i must seriously look at getting back in the water with a gun.
    damon-hypocritical as ever'

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    Re: 3 hoo in 3 hours

    bloody nice wahoo
    you caught around the sevens region

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    Re: 3 hoo in 3 hours


    great fish- awesome photos- my hats is off to you guys



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    Re: 3 hoo in 3 hours

    Another excellent catch doug, still waiting for clean water up this way as the last 3 dives I had have been about 2 m vis and the 90 mm of rain we just had yesterday is not helping either, especially since a few spanish have turned up on the scene.

    Its a shame people still think that spearing is like shotting fish in a barrel.
    Nuffy it takes alot of work to set up your gun for a fish like that not to mention the swimming and breathhold.

    Just interested to know doug at what depth and range are you taking those hoo? Also how the johnno been goin?


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    Re: 3 hoo in 3 hours

    Good on ya. Well done.

    Jay Jay
    Go mighty Broncos

    Go Wallabies

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