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    Easter friday fun

    One of my best mates who works as blasting engineer at Emerald was in Brisbane for meeting on Thursday and was heading back on Saturday. So as much as I hate going out in the boat on public holidays, it had to be done. We scooted up to china wall and within 1/2 hour had a couple of nice kings. Then we went and bagged out on crays. Brett got a jack and my bro Dan got a huge 6kg spangled. I was lucky to get a small spanish mackerel at the end of the day(only one seen). The fish was seen by all of us at the same time and my brother Dan chased it and took a long shot just missing. The fish darted off and headed straight back at me as I was down at around 15m at the same time. This was very unusual as they never come back after being missed. In the phot you can see the mark on the fish where Dans spear grazed it.
    Cheers Doug

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    Re: Easter friday fun

    Mate Dan with a nice king from a school of about 60 fish

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    Re: Easter friday fun

    Can you give me an #idea where the china wall #is ? good catch of fish ! would love to give it a go sometime. Cheers

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    Re: Easter friday fun

    Go mighty Broncos

    Go Wallabies

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