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    et full - there were lots of smallies about so perhaps another trip next week. On the way home I checked the crab pots, the first had a big jenny which was quickly released but the second had a lovely chocolate buck muddie which capped off what was a

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    When Ultralight Can Be Right

    Fished 2kg and 4kg line all weekend again in another ANSA comp held out of Burnett Heads near Bundy. Had 4 onboard the Signature fishing a few wrecks and reefs in the local area. Goal was to catch 5 Species each. Clint with us ended up with 8-9 and had to pick his best few. Standout was this 6kg Snapper that went 5.6kg or something gilled and gutted. This time it was only 22m of water not 58m.

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    Re: When Ultralight Can Be Right


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    Re: When Ultralight Can Be Right

    We had a good session and ended up with a good feed of Sweetlip around this size on one of the reefs in the middle of the day. Grassys and Spanglies on 2kg and 4kg line. Would have been good to fish the same reef at night.

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    Re: When Ultralight Can Be Right

    The first wreck we fished produced a multitude of Trevally of around 4 different species all around this size. Anything bigger blew us away on 2kg and 4kg. It also produced a Cobia, Yellowtail Kings, Hussar, Nannygai and MILFs.

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    Re: When Ultralight Can Be Right

    And a Mack Tuna to Choppy - his first time Tuna chasing.

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    Re: When Ultralight Can Be Right

    hay mate very nice catches there good day out

    chrees ando

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    Re: When Ultralight Can Be Right

    Hey Smithy don't give out all the secrets. Looks like better weather this weekend so Greg and I are doing it all again.

    Darryl L

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    Re: When Ultralight Can Be Right

    sounds like a great trip Smithy. Heard from some of the Brisbane guys that they had a good time and caught some nice fish too. Looks like we might be making this an annual trip, so I will etch it in stone in my diary now!

    "The underlying spirit of angling is that the skill of the angler is pitted against the instinct and strength of the fish and the latter is entitled to an even chance for it's life."
    (Quotation from the rules of the Tuna Club Avalon, Santa Catalina, U.S.A.)

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    Re: When Ultralight Can Be Right

    hey mate...

    gud catch especially the snapper... but what species of trevelly is that???

    cheers, troy

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    Re: When Ultralight Can Be Right

    Nice one Smithy. I imagine you wouldn't get out to often chasing reefies etc, especially atm with all those blues around.

    Cheers and top report.
    Ranger 188VX - "Sweet Chariot"

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