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    Re: Morteon Sat and Point Lookout Mon Arvo

    Another nice catch Doug!

    That Yellowfin must have been moving for you or you gone the safety shot. Very rarely do you see the plug hole that far back in one of your catches.

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    Re: Morteon Sat and Point Lookout Mon Arvo


    I'd take a hook anyday over a speargun when trying to catch yellowfin

    Your statement is one of the funniest I've seen here for a while.


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    Re: Morteon Sat and Point Lookout Mon Arvo

    No, no, no, coast runner...., not good at all mate!

    1. "The rest of us"???????? Many here like to take the plunge underwater as well as line fish.

    2. I don't know how many Yellowfin you have encountered underwater but they move about 10 times quicker then you could draw a gun through the water...., meaning aim doest even come into concideration as you will still be trailing the fish, its more of try and anticipate where the fish is going and trust me its freaking hard (unless Doug had a boat boy dropping over chunks of burley to aim at).

    3. Rememeber things like strong currents, depth, dirty water conditions, flighty fish, camoflauged fish, predators (of humans), breath holds, rope tangling, an eye for aiming, etc, etc,

    4. Anyone can catch a fish with a spear gun? Um, how do I put this..., NO! Lets take a young fisho for example, he / she can catch..., aaarrrrh screw it, not worth mentioning anymore.

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    Re: Morteon Sat and Point Lookout Mon Arvo

    Have to agree guys, yellowfin with a spear?! Very good shooting! Always enjoy your reports Doug keep them coming. No way in hell would I try that though

    Cheers and beers
    "Mystique" Haines Signature 580BR with 175 of Mr Suzuki's finest ponies

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    Re: Morteon Sat and Point Lookout Mon Arvo

    very nice mixed bad of fish you got there

    chrees ando

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    Re: Morteon Sat and Point Lookout Mon Arvo

    Thanks for another great report, Doug. Awesome, as usual!
    Coasty, chill out. There are plenty of site members who do a bit of spearing.
    Or perhaps you could show Doug and co. a spearfishing trick or two???????????
    Mate, we'd all love to read about them!

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