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    Re: Late 1770 update

    We had a tiger swim up to us on sunday, pretty stripes

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    Re: Late 1770 update

    I dont reckon its the tigers that are the problem it's those bl@@dy whalers that get all fired up and come in real quick with there back arched and there pectorals pointed down It's usually about then i get out of the water.

    Alcohol doesn't agree with me, but i sure do enjoy the argument!!!

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    Re: Late 1770 update

    Mate,bloody good shots,i love looking at underwater shots almost seems like you are there,i did i bit of scuba diving up at the swains last year but the gentleman in the grey suits were becoming more frequent and bigger in size as the dive progressed ,so that was enough for me, out of the water and havent been back

    cheers hazy

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    Re: Late 1770 update

    Yes have to agree the whalers can be downright nasty but they are less agro when there is a bunch of guys together. They are real bullies and will harrass a lone diver much more. Poke a few holes in them and they back off.

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    Re: Late 1770 update

    Doug when am I going to see a dvd from you guys? Love reading your stories by the way in spearfishing downunder and ISFN.

    Keep em coming

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