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    Late 1770 update

    Saw your post Ian and thought I better pull my finger out(I think we were next door to you guys?)
    After no diving for about a month we decided to take a visiting mate up to 1770 unfortunately it was blowing about 20knts on Fri and about 15knts on Sat and picked up again on Sun.
    We went out Fri 23 and Sat 24 out to the reefs and dived on the cetecea on Sun morning. It was a long run out on Friday about 2 1/2 hours. We got the usual suspects trout,macks,jobies,cobia and jacks. We were in a mates 6m polycraft and it handled the conditions okay but not quite like our stabi. The earth leakage on Sat night in the rental we were in would not stay on even with every thing unplugged. That meant no power only lights so no water pump to flush the loos no fridges aaargh. The real estate gave us the keys to another house but only after a bit of persuading, at least we could take a crap and have a shower. Whats with the ice coming down from 20kg to 15kg?
    A few pics, small ones are captured from video.
    Cheers Doug

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    Re: Late 1770 update

    Cobia off the wreck

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    Re: Late 1770 update

    Shark saying hi in the burley

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    Re: Late 1770 update

    Love diving with these guys

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    Re: Late 1770 update

    Typical bommie

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    Re: Late 1770 update

    Reef flat

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    Re: Late 1770 update

    Whacked macky

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    Re: Late 1770 update

    Top pics doug


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    Re: Late 1770 update

    nice report and luv the pics!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Late 1770 update

    Excellent pics Doug looks like you had pretty good vis. Bloody noahs hey always want to get in on the action.


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    Re: Late 1770 update


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    Re: Late 1770 update

    great pics

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    Re: Late 1770 update

    Amazing and its my first time to see the underwater pic's...
    Keep post next pic's

    Happy snap

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    Re: Late 1770 update

    Awsome pics mate
    Tight lines <*)(((((((((><

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    Re: Late 1770 update

    AWESOME Last time I was up off 1770 saw a 12 foot tiger swim past the boat. Well done on the fish

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