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    strange conversion

    I recently caught a nice size tailor which I gave to my wife as she'll eat anything. After giving it the sake and soy treatment I tried a bit and it was delish!

    Yesterday we drifted the seaway on the high tide and didn't raise a jewie as we did last weekend. Bugger. We then headed out to the 12's, with every body else, and found lots of bait on the sounder. Up came a yakka and a nice size tailor which went out live.

    The big tailor rig went off big time to eventually reveal this nice size mac tuna. Bugger again. This got me to wondering. I have now converted something that I will now probably eat if prepared properly into something that I would not eat for all the money in the world if cooked by the highest paid chef in the world!

    Unfortunately we never turned another reel as another mac would have been good experience for the missus. Personally, I think of macs as the pidgeons of the ocean. And everybody knows pidgeons are rats with wings.

    We did see a whale a long way off going balistic. Huge tail slaps and breach after breach that looked like a marlin hooked up it was so often and consistent. All in all still a better day than sitting inside playing the Xbox.

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    Re: strange conversion

    oh yeah. Got this unidentified wrasse looking thing. Any ideas? I am new to going outside (if you can call 12 fathoms outside) so if everybody has seen a million of these things please be gentle.

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    Re: strange conversion

    dont look now, but i think that wrasse has a thing for your missus

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