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Thread: Dans 35kg cobe

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    Dans 35kg cobe

    Sunday found us once again offshore looking for the big cobes that appear this time of year. At one spot a school of about 30 cobia approached us all over 20kg with one about 30kg and the biggest which Dan nailed. Almost 20mins later and another two spears and he was in the boat. We had enough fish for the week so we then went and picked up some crays and took some time to take some photos.
    Cheers all Doug

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    Re: Dans 35kg cobe


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    Re: Dans 35kg cobe

    A little puffer

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    Re: Dans 35kg cobe

    Lots of these

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    Re: Dans 35kg cobe

    Finally this what happens to the crays

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    Re: Dans 35kg cobe

    That looks gooooooooooood!!

    Well done!!

    Is that a chilli cray recipe


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    Re: Dans 35kg cobe

    Wow a big cobia and thanks for left cobia's for us to catch soon...
    You made my mouth dribbles... over crayfish


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    Re: Dans 35kg cobe

    No fast food in your household Doug Bloody awesome mate and top pics yet again.

    Ranger 188VX - "Sweet Chariot"

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    Re: Dans 35kg cobe

    that is a big cobe yummy crays

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    Re: Dans 35kg cobe

    That feed of crays looks bl@@dy good give me a beer and plate of those crays thats the way to go thats for sure yummm


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    Re: Dans 35kg cobe

    Great stuff and pics

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    Re: Dans 35kg cobe

    I want some too

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    Re: Dans 35kg cobe

    Mate, you've sorted that out well and truley. Well done. Nice cobe.

    Tight Lines

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    Re: Dans 35kg cobe

    Go mighty Broncos

    Go Wallabies

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    Re: Dans 35kg cobe

    Very nice Cobe but I would swap it for the Crays. Are they thick on the coffee rock areas or is it only in your secret spot


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