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    Stanage bay

    Had to work up in Moranbah for about 8 days so we decided to drop the boat at Stanage on our way up. Unluckily for us we finished our work on Sat smack bang in the middle of the School Hols. But we managed to get a house from th Wed. What to do, load up a tonne of gear and ice and head out to the Percys which we did for 3 days. We managed Tuskys to 8kg, jacks to 5kg, a couple of reds, 8 big crays one between 3 and 4 kilos, nice trout to 8 kgs and the usual parrot fishes and bommie cods. In between the diving we passed the time drinking, getting naked and all the other stuff that goes along with a boys trip. We came back and replenished our supplies and Dad,Dan and myself(Skinman had to go back to work) scooted back out on the Wed afternoon and camped on Hexham for the night. We scored a swag of ripper trout averaging 5kgs, some nice redthroats more crays and I stoned a 22kg spanish with my 1.1 reef gun. Lots of filleting and packing in the freezer. Packed up fri and headed back at 3am getting home at 2pm. Had just picked up an isuzu 200 tradepack truck so it was a good run in for it and its nice to not notice towing a boat. Will get some pics later, don't have many as camera was left in truck > , and brett has video camera in NZ diving with makos and blues.
    Cheers all fellas Doug

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    Re: Stanage bay

    sounds like you had a ripper mate.. Nice one.. Sean

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    Re: Stanage bay

    Look forward to the pics

    your trips are always a good read



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    Re: Stanage bay


    looking forward to the pics 2 mate




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    Re: Stanage bay

    Hey Doug,
    Hows the road into stanage at the moment?
    Cheers Dale

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    Re: Stanage bay

    kingfisher, had a mate shoot up there 2 weeks ago and finally i think there starting to use a grader regularly. Heading up there in a week for a couple of days should be good!!

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    Re: Stanage bay

    Yep can't wait to see the pics Doug. Your reports and pics are always compulsory reading.

    Ranger 188VX - "Sweet Chariot"

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    Re: Stanage bay

    Dale the road is the best I've seen it in the 6 years that we have been going in there. Sat on about 80k's the whole way with the boat in tow!
    Heres a couple of pics. Sorry they are not that great but we had a few camera issues.
    Heres one of a nice cray.

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    Re: Stanage bay

    At anchorage on South Percy.

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    Re: Stanage bay

    At home hard at work.

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