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Thread: Bush 'N Beach

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    Bush 'N Beach

    Have just recived sept edition of BNB (don't know what hapened to last mounths) and i must say, the quality and finish just seem to be getting better, vey cool 8)
    altough there is some fairley ugly looking heads in it (Ausfish-Nuggett, son of Nuggett)
    the print is eazy to read and picture quality is great, well done BNB Team!!
    Hookin, Brett

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    Re: Bush 'N Beach

    Hi Brett
    I just had to have a look at your post! Thanks. We try hard each month to put out a good little rag - and although I'm biased, I also thought September was our best effort yet.

    Sorry about the heads. Not much I could do with Nugget excedpt to blacken his face as much as possible, Steve Brown was also a creative challenge, and as for son of Nuggett, I thought it was a nice "nipple" shot. Pity about the hair...

    Thanks for your interest and support, Ron Collins.

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    Re: Bush 'N Beach

    8) 8) 8)
    Who is that good looking bloke on the front cover?????

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    Re: Bush 'N Beach


    I spent quite a few hours last night reading through the September edition and yeah, I have got to agree with Brett, it's getting better (and bigger) all the time.

    Congratulations from me you guys are doing a great job.


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    Re: Bush 'N Beach


    The reason you are getting so much good feedback is due to the fact that BNB is a great read! Better then the glossies, in my opinion. WOULD BE BETTER IF THE SAME GOOD QUALITY AND QUANTITY COULD COME OUT FORTNIGHTLY!!!!!

    I know, probably impossible.

    I was wondering if you could use your position and mag to start a campaign for a "Clean up the Bay program". I, for one, would be prepared to give up a weekend to help in such a venture. (I know it would take much more than a weekend to organise.) The logistics would be horrendous, but I hear and see enough to know the state of some of the islands is horrendous, and it may not take too big a shove to get some momentum going. I believe BNB would be a great forum for such a move. It may also serve to let the general public know that most of us who go out there are not scumbags set out to destroy and rubbish.

    Count me in.


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    Re: Bush 'N Beach

    Quote Originally Posted by Zorba
    8) 8) 8)
    Who is that good looking bloke on the front cover?????
    Christ, after getting my copy outta the mailbox & having a gander at the mug on the front, I near lost me lunch. Nugget must have a good filter on that camera to make you look half passable, pity 'bout the 5 O'Clock shadow. Must have only had 2 shaves that day.
    Was great to meet you at Straddie, had a great time with you & the crew.


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    Re: Bush 'N Beach


    Thanks for touching up that photo, it must have taken you a while

    Now, that guy on the front cover, do you want me to tell you a few stories about that , OK, better not. Was great to meet you and the others guys over at Staraddie Zorba, will catch up again for another fish soon.

    I agree with the others, the colour front cover and other colour spots and changes you have done has helped give BNB a great look and help reflect the quality of the material on the inside, which has always been there.

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