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    how do I store waders

    G`day fellas,
    I have a pair of snowbee waders,and it says on the instructions,clean after use but do not leave folded up.
    As i need to store them now,what do i do?.
    they came in a box all neatly folded up,so this poses a dilema,anyone got any ideas

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    Re: how do I store waders

    The best way to store waders is to make a "boot"holder out of some timber.The waders must be hung up side down from the heel of the boots.This extends the life of the waders and hanging them upside down stops any little rodents chewing there way out of the waders. The template is for want of a better description a piece of timber with a W cut out that the boots are pushed into.If you don't understand any of the above send me a direct email and I'll scan a pic and send it to you.P.S. Don't forget to wash out the waders befor you use them as some of the biggest redbacks I've seen lived in waders.

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    Re: how do I store waders

    G`day Bluey,
    Mate I was afraid of that,my problem is where to put the dam boot holders,guess I`ll leave them in my wardrobe as they are,but will slide a large glad bag up from the bottom,and tie a loose knot at the heels to keep the nasties out.
    How does that sound blue,shouldn`t worry them being enclosed in a big glad bag should it ?.

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