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    OK Anglers from Victoria, … the Victorian Government has given YOU the opportunity to “HAVE YOUR SAY”.
    They have started up a new website to enable Community Consultation.

    If you believe in fighting the current “Marine Park” issue but were unable to attend the rally, write a letter or contribute in ANY way shape or form … DO IT HERE AND NOW!

    Go to the website (URL below), register and state your case in the “E-DEMOCRACY & COMMUNITY CONSULTATION” board.

    I have sent my comments there and after being mediated they should go online tomorrow.

    I urge YOU and every other VICTORIAN angler you know to participate in this cause. Only a show of numbers will have any affect. Flood their boards with thousands of responses. In addition, to gain any credibility I cannot stress enough that we must be seen to act in a responsible manner. To do this I strongly recommend that you provide;

    - Your full name
    - Correct Postcode
    - Correct Email address
    - Remember stick to the facts and issues at hand

    This should with any luck demonstrate a true representation of the recreational angling community in Victoria.

    Victorian Government's

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    G'day Seabear.
    Posted my thoughts on the site about a week ago and surprise surprise, got it refunded with the reason that my contribution was "is unrelated to the Discussion".

    It seems others have had the same response..

    Cheers, Slates

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