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    Commercial Fishers Sell Creating New Fishing Have

    "This document has been posted for information and to encourage discussion among yourselves. For more information from NSW Fisheries on the issue, please visit our web site on"

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    Re:  Commercial Fishers Sell Creating New Fishing

    Why isnt this happening in Queensland before its too late..

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    Re:  Commercial Fishers Sell Creating New Fishing

    As a regular visitor to the clarence area the addition of the 30th haven is great to see. In my opinion qld fisheries should be following suit with similar rec only areas in moreton bay, hervey bay, jumpinpin area, major rivers etc and if this requires a saltwater licence so be it. $20 or $30 per year is a small amount to pay for the benefits the licence revenue will provide, assuming, however, that the money is spent appropriately (pro licence buy backs, habitat regeneration, size/bag limit enforcement, public education on marine associated issues etc). One thing I noticed while reading the NSW fisheries info page was that pros are eligible for up to $20 000 for relocation, retraining and depreciation. I am hoping this does not mean relocating their commercial fishing operations to another area. I assume it means relocation and retraining in another industry/job. It would make no sense if they are pulling up their nets from the rec only area and putting them in elsewhere, whilst taking the money. Maybe someone can clear this up for me?

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    Re:  Commercial Fishers Sell Creating New Fishing

    Hi whopper according to the report on 60 minutes a few months ago retraining meant just do another job..on pro says what can i be retrained to do after 45 yrs..

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    Re:  Commercial Fishers Sell Creating New Fishing

    So hands up who think the "Clarence" is a fishing haven . Now have a look at the map

    Don't ya just like politics

    Cheers, Kerry.

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    Re:  Commercial Fishers Sell Creating New Fishing

    Wow !!!

    $500,000 just for that

    It sounds real good until you check the susbtance.

    A lot of $$ for very little.


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    Re: #Commercial Fishers Sell Creating New Fishing

    mmmm nice map but did you read
    Disclaimer: This map is provided as a guide only and should not be relied on for any purpose. It is not guaranteed to be free from error or omission. NSW Fisheries, their employees and agents disclaim any responsibility or duty of care towards any person for loss or damage arising from use of this map of any kind. No person should rely on this map for the purpose of any business, financial or real property decision.

    The boundaries of any fishing closure are defined in the relevant notification as published in the Government Gazette. Contact your local NSW Fisheries Office for more information.

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    Re:  Commercial Fishers Sell Creating New Fishing

    Sunfish has submitted applications to Queensland Fisheries Service for 6 ROFA's (Recreational Only Fishing Areas). These were put together by Sunfish Branches through extensive consultation with local rec fishers.
    QFS does not know what to do with them. Some will ask where does the money come from. We pay a PPV levy on our boat rego of $12 per boat. You should be asking QFS what has happened to it since 1995.

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    Re:  Commercial Fishers Sell Creating New Fishing

    thats my argument exactly vern bring in away with the PPV levy and let a responsible body like sunfish handle all funs...YEAH

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    Re: #Commercial Fishers Sell Creating New Fishing

    Quote Originally Posted by jaybee
    mmmm nice map but did you read
    Did read them (normal disclaimer) and what the map doesn't show the words make a little clearer. Sounds like the $ has been devalued again

    The following areas will be closed
    1) Middle Wall - a 2 kilometre stretch at the Clarence River mouth near Yamba (hauling during the mullet travelling season - April to August - will still be permitted in this area).
    2) Romiaka Bridge - waters adjacent to the Romiaka Channel Road Bridge, just outside Yamba.
    3) Oyster Channel Bridge - waters adjacent to Oyster Channel Road Bridge, near Yamba.
    4) Entrance of Saltwater Inlet - a 300 metre stretch of River on the eastern side of North Arm, between Arris Island and Saltwater Inlet, near Iluka.
    Cheers, Kerry.

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