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Thread: Spear fishing

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    Spear fishing

    hey guys
    thinking about getting into spear fishing what are everyones thoughts on it? i know a couple of guys who do it and reckon its good fun and is different from fishing in that your are down in the fishes domain hunting them
    cheers jack

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    Re: Spear fishing

    Your hunting them ??? not from what ive heard

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    Re: Spear fishing

    the idea of having a dieing bleeding fish tied to me in the water with sharks? mmmmmm do for me

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    Re: Spear fishing

    Obviously the small 3meter one that ate a wahoo nearly as big as Jack last sunday within spitting distance wasn't anything to be concerned about

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    Re: Spear fishing

    I don't know how you will go spear fishing in the Brissie River Jack.



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    Re: Spear fishing

    Spearfishing on bombies etc is very exciting. Just make sure you have the gear and don't tie bleeding fish to yourself. There are many obsticles underwater but well worth it. It is another world underwater and the fishing is as exciting as on top.

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    Re: Spear fishing

    I am an avid spearfisherman and I reckon it's great to be in the water, and I think it gives you more of an insight into fish behavior which you can put into your line fishing. But if you think it is easy to just don a mask, snorkel, fins and gun and shoot some quality fish, think again. It is a high activity sport and not for the unfit , especially if you want to reap some reward in the way of a fish or two, but once your hooked to the peace and tranquility, you won't look back.

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    Re: Spear fishing


    I've done a bit in my time. I'll back Neptune in that it's definitely a sport for the fit people. I'm starting to lag in my old age. Not many places you can spear fish from the shore in SEQLD (legally anyway) You really need a boat to take you to the places you want.

    My best catches have come from the Swains reef off Gladstone but I have hit the odd fish around here. Got a Jack not long ago but pulled the line before I could bag him. Morwong are the easiest and slowest to move.

    Neptune - what's your bottom time like and have you ever done any of the rock groynes off Fraser.


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    Re: Spear fishing

    thanks guys
    yeh only coz my mate over at straddie reckon si should give it a try, so will have a go, dont think much of the prices though of a spear gun!
    cheers jack

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    Re: Spear fishing

    I used to spearfish a lot around Newcastle about 10-15 years ago - A lot of fun and a lot of great fish :-)

    I've dragged out the old Speargun and cleaned it up. (Had to buy a new wetsuit as the old one seems to have shrunk quite a bit)

    I'm going to be trying around Gatakers Bay (Hervey Bay) this coming winter when the water clears up a bit more. From what I've heard they do allright there for Cod, Trout etc so is certainly worth a bash!

    Bugman, do you have any more info re the Groynes off Fraser? I'd love to hear more about that! I'll also be having a look around round island as I've certainly caught some respectable fish there from the boat.


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    Re: Spear fishing

    As a die hard fan of the rod and reel my next true love would have to be spearfishing. Im from Newcastle and regulary fish and dive around here.
    Not taking anything away from the boys that say you need to be fit, you do to a point but you never know what kind of fish in what kind of water you may encounter.
    My biggest Jewy on line is 18kgs and on the steel shaft its 22.5kgs I got the big fella in 8 feet of water 30 metres from the southern end of Nobbies beach. Many times ive been in my boat spearing and got nothing out on the reefs only to come in and dive in realitively shallow water (say 25 feet) and nail some nice Drummer and the occasional Jew and even some nice Kingies up to 9 kg, thus being my biggest with the gun.
    I know the prices of some of the spearguns are a little daunting up to $1500 these days.I got a complete setup, Mask fins wettie guns and rig cord and a float for about $400, I know its still a little expensive but There really is no feeling like stalking a good fish, antisapate(cant spell) its course thru the water and stoning it with a good spine shot.
    Sometimes, yes sometimes it beats the rod and reel, not a lot but sometimes.


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    Re: Spear fishing

    yeh im having a look at some of the hand spears around and they dont look to bad
    cheers jack

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    Re: Spear fishing


    I hope your mate knows that there's no spear fishing allowed at the boat ramp at Amity Point. It's where the most fish school but it's not allowed there.

    Tony, I haven't done Fraser before either - but that's all about to change in May. Heard the crays are really good. bit worried about the toothy critters but - I guess we'll find out.


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    Re: Spear fishing

    thanks brett
    dont know where we r going but if he says we r going to the boat ramp i'll be sure to tell him its illegal
    cheers jack

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    Re: Spear fishing


    dune rocks - the rocky outcrop between deadmans beach (inviting name eh) & frenchmans beach is a good place to spear if the surf isn't thumping in. It has a protected cove if you are beginning but more exposed deeper water spots for the experienced.

    It is the closest point of straddie to the offshore formation known as The Group & the variety of species that pass thru at this time of year is immense. Apart from the usual suspects, I've speared yellowtail king, AJ's, speckled hind, squire, jobfish & red bass (yep red bass just the one & I've got a photo for the non-believers).

    Some advice - always go with a mate & know where he is in the water.
    Use the current to your advantage - swim with it not against it.
    NEVER MAKE YOURSELF NEGATIVELY BOUYANT WITH A WEIGHT BELT. Carry a sharp stiff bladed knife that can cut fishing line & have it within easy reach.
    Never panic & conserve your energy.
    Have fun enjoy the scenery - spearing a fish is a bonus.


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