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    Re: Native Fish as a pet

    a few years ago i had a number of fish in my 142cm x 32cm x 47cm tank i had upto 8 bass, 6 silvers and 3 yellowbelly and 3 herring i also had a small mullet but it jumped and killed itself ... i had them in for over 18 months and they reached a point were i had to really keep the filter and glass clean but they were all active except for the yellowbelly....but eventually died because i fed the bass wild gudgens....big mistake...all species of fish died within 30 minutes...even puttin them in the pond out the bak did nothing....all bar one bass died. then my nephew cracked the glass one one side of the tank so end of the last fish >....anyway were it not for feeding them wild gudgens theyd be quite happy until my nephew wouldve got em...but the bass and silvers had no problems...i also had about 15 yebbies on the bottom of the tank to help clean it up...i found all the fish loved worms and goldfish flakes and i found the solution to cockroaches...feed em to the bass!!! but make sure there is no usage of spays...the roach traps that they stick to and then just open it up and then take em out and drop em in the tank the bass smash em...i even got the fish to eat em out of my fingers...they grew from about 3cm upto about 15 before the went the way of the dodo. but they got fed every day in winter and numerous times in summer...they grew like mad.
    ps i never had a problem with the silvers nippin tails or bass bullyin other that tank the small yellowbelly was king...and also the herring...but the bass and silvers were goin great together...ill see if i can find a pic of the tank with the fish in it.

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    Re: Native Fish as a pet

    My bass, even though he is noticeably smaller than the barra, is a dead set bully. I feed them at opposiet ends of the tank. The bass is a flighty little bugger nut the barra feeds from the hand. I leave the garage light on and the door open to bring the moths in. They both just love a good feed of moth.
    Interesting to see how inaccurate the barra is and boofing to the bass. The bass never misses.

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