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    northside deep sea fishing club(startup)

    i am serious about starting a northside deep sea fishing club.
    fishing will be deep sea at the start and may venture into other styles of fishing later.

    starting a club requires insurance thats for sure and around $1000 if you incorporate the club which would be necessary.

    i guess any success would require boats/ skippers to join the club

    so if you were thinking about fishing offshore and wish to do so in safety with numbers then send me a replypost and depending on the response i will get in contact
    i would be quite willing to put up the money to start and redeem at a later stage
    i have been fishing offshore for about 15 years and i am associcated with a deep sea club now and wish to start one on the northside.
    fishing offshore for SNAPPER leaving from scarborough ramp.

    "whats the time"

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    Re: northside deep sea fishing club(startup)

    giday snappa top idea i to am from n/side & fish offshore. would be keen to fish with other addictos. i think you will get heaps of replys. lee

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    Re: northside deep sea fishing club(startup)

    so i take it you will join
    i have come up with a name
    "northside anglers offshore fishing club"
    what do you think
    depends on how much response
    i get and them i will hold a meeting to get to know every one
    i also have two interested in joining but not from ausfish.
    what i am looking for is fishos that will take on the committee with me total of 5 to start.
    "whats the time"

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    Re: northside deep sea fishing club(startup)

    yep i'm keen !
    None of mates with boats ,so don't really get to go offshore. So keen to hook up with others and get out there.

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    Re: northside deep sea fishing club(startup)


    thanks for for your reply
    so i can count on you
    i will be getting in contact with all interested fisho when i come back from fraser island the week after next
    i might post a meeting place on this site and hope all that are showing interest will show up.
    then the new club can get into some serious fishing trips and social meets.
    "whats the time"

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    Re: northside deep sea fishing club(startup)

    Evening Peter,
    I am in.
    PS. Have been in Bourke for a week so hence slow reply
    ROLL TIDE, ROLL.................


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    Re: northside deep sea fishing club(startup)

    it really is a good idea & will give it some long hard thought to joining peter. will have to see the boss she is the one that brings them over the side get back to you soon.

    regards darren

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    Re: northside deep sea fishing club(startup)

    Snapper very interested please keep me informed fishric

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    Re: northside deep sea fishing club(startup)

    G'Day Snappa,

    there would be alot of time, effort and money involved in starting up and then running a new club. Why not join an existing club?

    I believe the powerboat anglers club caters for anglers wanting to fish offshore for snapper from Brisbane's northside.

    However, what will you do when it is blowing or when you get sick of catching snapper? With dwindling fish stocks, I believe in conservation, making the most of every fish I catch, and variety, and that is why I am a member of the Brisbane ANSA Sportfishing Club.

    The Brisbane ANSA Sportfishing Club has led the way in sportfishing in Brisbane since the early 70s. We promote catch and release while still keeping enough for a feed, and by using relatively light line to target our fish, make the most of every fish we hook by helping to ensure there is a good fight. We fish inshore, offshore (reef and game), estuary and freshwater so we target heaps of different fish. There are regular competitions and also a system which recognises meritorious catches with personal achievement awards. You don't need a boat as there are skippers looking for crews, but it does help.

    Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at the Brisbane 16 ft sailing club in Quay St Bulimba at 8 pm with members coming from as far as Strathpine and Cleveland. Cost is now $64 per year, unfortunately due in part to public liability insurance and state and national affiliation fees.

    Anyone wishing to know more may email me privately on or post here and I will reply when I can.

    "The underlying spirit of angling is that the skill of the angler is pitted against the instinct and strength of the fish and the latter is entitled to an even chance for it's life."
    (Quotation from the rules of the Tuna Club Avalon, Santa Catalina, U.S.A.)

    Apathy is the enemy

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    Re: northside deep sea fishing club(startup)

    I was looking for info on the powerboat anglers club and this thread came up. did this ever get going?

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