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    Banana,s on Boats

    just a poll on the old fisherman,s tale of taking banana`s onto a boat ??? its bad luck and you will not catch any fish
    i have never tested the theory for offshore fishing mainly because of the distant, cost and you only get limited weather to fish need all the luck on your side because of the current wind and depth without having to prove the banana theory one way or the other.
    so far, no crew has pulled out a banana to eat while on the boat.
    "whats the time"

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    Re:  Banana,s on Boats

    4 bannanas,2 guys in a canoe 70+bass,used a yellow killer lure,thats a lot of bad bannana luck,Cheers

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    Re:  Banana,s on Boats

    gees ferral
    imagine how many you could have caught if you didnt take those bananas

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    Re:  Banana,s on Boats

    Apparenty stems from the days when bananas and other fruit were transported on the one vessel,bananas have a gas that ripen other fruit, and this sent fruit off, in transit.
    Try it at home, place a banana on top of an apple, and see the results.

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    Re:  Banana,s on Boats

    damn ! i thought that was just shit woolies fruit

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    Re:  Banana,s on Boats

    Come on guys!
    It's like going to one of those clairvoyants - you can convince yourself of something if you really want want to believe it!
    Same with the bananas, if after going out fishin' for the day you didn't catch any/many fish - why not blame the banana!
    Fair suck of the saveloy (banana).


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    Re:  Banana,s on Boats

    One slip on the banana skin and your in the drink
    Snappa, you'll need a few bananas if you latch on to a decent cobe
    Old wives tale or not, no bananas on my rig.

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    Re:  Banana,s on Boats

    Hi all
    I am with webby, no bananas on my boat. Family come out the weekend for a run and I had to tell the wife and niece to get them bloody bananas out of the eskies or leave the eskies

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    Re:  Banana,s on Boats


    "kelloggs" is out of the shed fuel up and ready for tomorrow.
    first port of call will be the beacons around the spitfire channel
    ive set up one rod. tld50 & 85 lb braid
    made up a heavy duty rig.
    the perfect bait - red colored crab ???
    back brace and rod holder in boat
    so i will let all know tomorrow nite
    "whats the time"

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    Re:  Banana,s on Boats

    Everyone has a bad day every once in a while but its only because yous are bad fishermen that cant catch a fish to save them from the misses,so leave the poor little bannana alone his with me


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    Re:  Banana,s on Boats

    I don't even allow banana boat sun screen in my boat.

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    Re:  Banana,s on Boats

    i have enough bad luck with sandbars and everything else without bananas on board. if i have one on the ship i don't think i'll be coming back [smiley=alien.gif] [smiley=behead.gif] [smiley=disappointed.gif] [smiley=hammer.gif] [smiley=helpa.gif] [smiley=laola.gif] just jokes!

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    Re: #Banana,s on Boats

    ??? its not the bananas that stop me from catching fish, its my skill. without those bananas on board a man would starve. Patto

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    Re: #Banana,s on Boats

    caught some nice fish while chewing on a nana and or a boiled egg, always seems to be the food that can choke ya when the line goes off, had the same with a ham sandwich, food is food regardless and yes certain foods do ripen others, as for others saying no nanas on my boat, then i reckon their boat wouldn't be worth fishing on if u cant take ya food, plus i'm not into superstitions as it is :a belief, conception, act, or practice resulting from ignorance, unreasoning fear of the unknown or mysterious, morbid scrupulosity, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation, Leaves ya mind open to satan eh. .
    Ignorance being the main word here. imho

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    Re:  Banana,s on Boats

    i dont really like bananas, much prefer a mars bar or something unhealthy, fisho2 eats them on my boat along with other strange foods ??? so far so good

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