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    I just noticed that this will be my 1000th post.
    I must say that I have enjoyed it all.
    I have met some interesting characters and made some good friends, some of which I have never met.
    I have stood on some toes, spoken crap, offended others with my opinions.(some have let me know in no uncertain terms)
    But passed on some good advice, helped a few out, learnt a shit load and always try to do the right thing by my fellow members.
    I have read of people ripped off, pissed off and told off, whilst telling of the fun, passing on the information and showing the big grinning pics of a great time had enjoying the sport we love.

    Thanks guys and thanks Steve.
    Cheers Kev.

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    Re: 1000

    Congrats Kev, well deserved (even if you do have weird motor opinions ) can I cut and past your post into mine when my 1000 comes? nq

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    Re: 1000

    Yes Kev, your broader knowledge or Faster keyboard skills got you there quicker than me

    Keep up the good work and don't let those exhaust fumes get up your nose

    Cheers CRAIG.

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    Re: 1000

    Top work Kev, [smiley=laola.gif] hope you get more fish than posts this year [smiley=earmuffs.gif] [smiley=evilgrin.gif]

    cheers Rob

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    Re: 1000

    ahahaha. kev, now you only have to get another 600 odd to get to rob! OR about 800 odd to beat lucky phil 8)

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    Re: 1000

    geese i'm sure that i would've posted more than this!!!!

    but ill see ya up there one day boys!!!

    / / / /
    / / / /
    / / / / only 150
    \ \ \ \
    \ \ \ \
    \ \ \ \

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    Re: 1000

    Nice one Kev but you better look out i'm catching up to
    Seriously though like you said this is a great place to make friends and learn heaps........catch ya out on the water mate.
    Cheers Brent

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    Re: 1000

    Big Kev. another milestone. shoot.

    Boats, Babies, Birthdays.

    Welcome to the triple zero club !

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    Re: 1000

    Woot.. go Kevay!!


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    Re: 1000

    woot.. i have only 404 posts to go from this one to hit 1000.. woot.. 404.. System Error kinda deal again.. Go Kevay!

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    Re: 1000

    Try 504 Tim!

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    Re: 1000

    Croikey, well its now 503!

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    Re: 1000

    concrats kev
    I must be a reader and certainly not a typer, steve should keep track of the posts read and i would be up there with the best of them

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    Re: 1000

    Well done there Kev
    You still got a long way to go to catch Jaybee lol
    Catch up with ya soon

    Tight Lines

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    Re: 1000


    Great work - Just need a few more to get to the next level.

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