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Thread: Knot help!

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    Knot help!

    I have been having trouble getting a knot that is good to connect 6lb fireline to 20 and 30lb vanish for flicking plastics and hardbodies for jacks. I used to use a spider hitch double or bimini double and then use a kind of a uni knot that 'jumps' up onto the double when u pull it tight. It works a treat for 6 and 10lb vanish for bream and such but I have thrown some lures over the horizon when it has let go with the larger breaking strain leaders.

    We have a little spot we have found that has bass and jacks side by side which is a hoot when they are in the mood for surface lures but it is quite snaggy so i want to use the big stuff for jack leaders.

    Any ideas from the plastic gurus?

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    Re: Knot help!

    I don't usually worry about a double and just use and albright. When you pass the tag end through to finish, go through twice. I find the knot is a bit better, it tends to lock it and won't loosen when cast through the runners repeatedly.


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    Re: Knot help!

    yeh the albright is good,i attach 6lb to 20lb with it and have never had a problem.i normally finish with a rizutto,if the albright slips it pulls the rizutto even tighter and cant pull through

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    Re: Knot help!

    Try this one - its an absolute ripper

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    Re: Knot help!

    thanks for that one gunna. It looks like just what the doctor ordered. Have you used it yourself for attaching fireline to mono leaders?

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    Re: Knot help!

    Thats a double uni, I use it on my heavier stuff like 20 and 30lb bionic to 40lb+ leaders great knot but still had better results with the albright on the lighter classes but I'm generally using a lighter leader like 8 and 10lb.


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    Re: Knot help!

    Clutter - its not a double uni. #Its a uni on one side and a locked half blood on the other.

    Themooks - yes I use it exclusively now. #I was using a double uni but found this to be much stronger. #In fact whenever I snag now & need to break off the break point is always at the jig. #I am yet to have this knot fail. # I use it mainly for 6lb fireline to 8lb leader but its also been good with 10lb fireline to 40lb leader for trolling pelagics.

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    Re: Knot help!

    Yeah I think a double uni is good enough. But I wanna try this one gunnas one it looks interesting. I Dont think the diagram shows doubles so just make sure you double the last turn.

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    Re: Knot help!

    albright works for me when chasing kings using 8lb fireline and 30lb leader

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    Re: Knot help!

    gunna. your a legend. i've been looking for a web site that shows ya how to tie various knots. thats a great site.

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    Re: Knot help!

    Woops, have to look a little closer next time. Will have to try it out.


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    Re: Knot help!


    I'm definately gunna use this one. The instructions say to make sure the coils are in a spiral as opposed to overlapping each other. I have always found this to be easier said than done with the tiny diameter and stranger behavioural tendencies of 4lb fireline. Do you use the 4lb much? If so how does it go making those turns around the mono like that and keeping them neat before you snug it all up?

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    Re: Knot help!

    Yes I use 4lb a lot - as well as 6lb. I am a bit lazy with the knot. I wet it then draw it together & hope the loops snug down ok. Most times they do but when they don't the knot immediately breaks & I just tie it again. But its still worth it IMHO. Its just so strong. I have tried various albright and no-name combinations but I find this simple and fast to tie.

    Hey Local_Guy - I have a number of knot sites in my favourites - although they all tend to cover the same knots. Simply do a search on fishing knots.

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    Re: Knot help!

    yeah. it was more the uni not i wanted for joining 2 lines together. i'm kinda relatively new to fly fishing and i needed tojoin 2 lines together. the people at the barra park did it for me last time and i thought it was about time i learnt.

    it was so easy. i tested it with braid (30lb) and 35lb mono. such an easy knot, don't even need instructions now

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    Re: Knot help!

    Glad I could help fellas. I found that knot on Interesting site that one - Qld based but heaps of southerners in the forum. Needs a few more cockroaches on board I reckon.

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