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Thread: 67kg Jewie

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    67kg Jewie

    Hah Ha, Got you!
    (lets see how many views this gets)

    Happy Brithday to
    noddy (33), seasprite (45), ClevelandWeather (26), jonesy2 (37), nilsmaster (30), vicree (69), skinnyminny (49),

    Popular opinion is that I was actually born on the 1st and that is why they call it Fools Day. Think Mum must have paid somone to have the Birth Cert changed!
    Here's to a great site and top fellas!
    (except for ashley1984 who is a Deadsh#t oxygen thief)

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    Re: 67kg Jewie

    ya got me... i was comming to move you to "Fishing reports"
    Happy B'Day to those members.

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    Re: 67kg Jewie

    I came for the jew.

    Dave ><>

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    Re: 67kg Jewie

    wheres the Jew, I WANT THE JEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: 67kg Jewie

    GEZZ seem like you can't trust anything or anyone on the net now days
    Happy B'Day mate and to all the others

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    Re: 67kg Jewie

    Cheers Basserman.
    Hope to be back trying to catch one fairly soon.

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    Re: 67kg Jewie

    Happy birthday Jeff
    We'll have a coldie when you get up here for your holiday!

    Or two

    All the best, Tony

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    Re: 67kg Jewie

    Cheers Tony,
    Hope you don't mind if mines a VB.

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    Re: 67kg Jewie

    Is there any other ??? ???


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    Re: 67kg Jewie

    yeah i got sucked in 2

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